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  Great news for the Bay: 51 teams vie to take part in Resilient by Design
July 10, 2017

I serve on the Executive Committee of Resilient by Design.

Overwhelming interest from designers!

We are excited to report that we received 51 stellar applications to take part in the Resilient by Design Bay | Area Challenge from local, national and international teams comprised of climate scientists, landscape architects, artists, engineers, community members, filmmakers, students and many more. We are incredibly impressed by the applicant pool and wish to thank everyone for applying. This is going to be a very difficult decision for our Jury. Teams will be notified of their application status in early August and winning teams will be publicly announced at the start of the Collaborative Research Phase in September.

This is a great step for community resilience efforts not just in the Bay Area, but globally as well, as the Bay Area remains a beacon of hope for both climate mitigation and adaptation efforts. Governor Jerry Brown recently announced the 2018 Climate Summit in San Francisco which will take place just after Resilient by Design’s Bay Area Challenge Teams unveil their innovative design solutions in May 2018.

There is still time to suggest a site idea!
Through July 14, 2017, we are asking local residents, city staff, community and elected leaders and organizations to submit site ideas. These ideas will shape our collaborative research process where Design Teams will learn about challenges and vulnerabilities all around the Bay and design experts will work with community experts to identify areas they can most effectively collaborate to create new, creative and implementable design solutions that protect the Bay Area’s most vulnerable shoreline communities from increasingly severe storms and flooding -- while also addressing critical issues such as disparities in housing, income and access to open space.

Please let us know any questions, ideas or thoughts you have at We love hearing from you!

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