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  Arcadia Power
June 2, 2017

Some of you may have received this solicitation:

___________, there is an important choice on the table for California residents that helps combat the Trump administration’s disgusting focus on leaving the Paris Agreement and bringing coal back, COAL.    The choice is one of the simplest, yet most impactful actions you can do right this minute: sign up your home or apartment for clean energy.    Our partner, Arcadia Power has made this available to all California residents. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, anyone who pays a power bill in California can do it.    All you have to do is go to their website and opt-in your local utility account. It takes two minutes from start to finish.    There is nothing to install, there are no contracts, and your local utility still delivers reliable electricity. The only difference is your utility account will be opted-in to Arcadia Power’s clean energy program for California residents. Starting with your next power bill every time you turn on the lights you will support clean, renewable energy sources.    When people are given a choice, they can move entire industries, now you have a tool to do it.    Join a community of thousands of Daily Kos activists in California and across the country who are making their homes contribute to a clean energy future.    Plus, sign up this month and Arcadia will apply a $10 savings credit to your next electric bill >>    Thank you,  Chris Bowers  Executive Campaign Director, Daily Kos    P.S. For every person who signs up, Arcadia Power gives extra support to Daily Kos’s progressive efforts.    Paid for by Arcadia Power       Daily Kos, PO Box 70036, Oakland, CA, 94612.

MCE has been receiving inquiries about their solicitations since 2015. Arcadia is an unbundled Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) marketer – they take over paying your utility bills, match RECs to the customer’s energy usage, and then bill the customer for the combined charges.

Usually their solicitations to MCE customers are due to the campaigns being national in scope. Due to the prevalence of unbundled RECs in markets outside of California, they have a lot of partners in the environmentally focused social media, including CREDO, Daily Kos, Sierra Club, etc. In some cases, these partners have sent follow-up mailings encouraging customers to use MCE instead.

MCE’s Deep Green offering is less expensive than Arcadia Power ($0.01/kWh vs $0.015/kWh), and is a much higher quality resource (in-state, bundled renewables vs. wind RECs which may not even be in the West Coast grid).

For more information, contact:

Justin Kudo
Deputy Director of Account Services
415.464.6029 |