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  Resilient by Design Call for Site Ideas
June 23, 2017



As mayor, I serve on the Executive Board of Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge, a yearlong community-based research and design challenge that is kicking off with an open call for residents around the Bay Area to help them identify sites vulnerable to the impacts climate change. (Share your ideas here:

From now through July 14, 2017, we at Resilient by Design are asking local residents and leaders to help them identify places in your community and around the Bay Area that are vulnerable to severe storms, flooding and earthquakes. The Bay Area Challenge is looking for sites in shoreline communities that need the action and investment of local leaders and international experts and would benefit from collaborative research and innovative design.

Throughout a yearlong process, the challenge will rely on Bay Area residents to determine community needs and share their priorities and hopes for local sites. During the challenge’s collaborative research and design phases, community members will work closely with Design Teams to share their local knowledge, co-host public events to engage local residents and drive broad community interest.

At the end of the yearlong process, the challenge result in ten creative and implementable design solutions that protect the Bay Area’s most vulnerable shoreline communities from increasingly severe storms and flooding while also addressing critical issues such as disparities in housing, income and access to open space.

Rather than wait for disaster, we have the opportunity to come together to prepare for a more resilient future. We are looking forward to working together with you and other residents around the Bay in this effort – first, by suggesting vulnerable sites in your community on the Resilient by Design website at, and then throughout the course of the next year as we work together for a stronger, more resilient Bay Area!

P.S. Are you a designer, architect, engineer, community leader or innovator? Consider joining a team. RFQ looking for experts from local-to-global located here

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