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  City Manager's Weekly Report for the Week Ending May 19, 2017
May 19, 2017

Mayor and Members of the City Council:

This is the report for the week ending May 19, 2017.

  • Meeting Notes

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23rd, beginning with Closed Session at 6:00 PM, followed by the regular meeting at 6:30 PM.  The agenda may be found by clicking this link: Richmond City Council Agenda Packet.

  • City of Richmond 2017 Community Survey -- We Need your Feedback

One of the best ways to improve Richmond’s services is to ask the people that live here what they think. With this in mind, the City of Richmond is pleased to announce the 2017 Community Survey!

During the past few weeks, you may have been notified that you have been selected to give input that will help the City improve the level of government services and the future of your community. Questionnaires were sent to a random sample of 3,000 Richmond residents, asking them to comment on the community’s pressing needs and city services.

The purpose of the survey is to help City officials evaluate services, measure resident satisfaction with current services, and to help plan for Richmond’s future. The results from the survey will be included in a final report available to all City officials, staff, and residents. If you were selected, please return the survey before the stated deadline.

If you know someone that received one, please encourage them to fill it out and return it. Your input can help make the City of Richmond a better place to live, work, and play. Feel free to contact the City Manager’s Office with your questions at (510) 620-6512.

  • National Police Week

Yesterday, in honor of National Police Week, the Richmond Police Department held a department inspection, followed by a ceremony to honor fallen officers, and then an awards ceremony at which they gave a special acknowledgement to seven personnel, and promoted two others to the ranks of sergeant and lieutenant.  At the ceremony, Mayor Butt provided remarks and City Clerk Pam Christian administered the Oath of Office to our new promotes. 

Police Chief Allwyn Brown provided the following background information on the activities of the day:

An Inspection is …

  • A demonstration of our readiness.  Readiness is integral to every facet of emergency response organizations.  All RPD personnel are to be in compliance to organizational standards for appearance, job-readiness, and by extension - operational readiness - to answer the call of duty in service to the people of Richmond.  The inspection offers an opportunity for all employees to show their individual commitment and willingness to perform the duties associated to their position and assignment within the Richmond Police Department.

This is National Police Week …

  • It is a time set aside to honor and appreciate the enormity of the sacrifice that comes with police service.
  • May 15th is the date designated as "National Police Memorial Day" by proclamation of President John F. Kennedy in 1962.  It is a day meant to honor federal, state and local law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty.  We chose yesterday to commemorate and honor the 10 RPD officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of the people of Richmond over history – and pledge to never forget them. 
  • The RPD fallen are:

1.       Officer Bertram L. Agnew 39 years       | EOW:          April 29, 1942

    • Officer Agnew was struck and killed by an automobile.

2.       Officer Michael J. Nugent 34 years | EOW: January 1, 1946

    • Officer Nugent was shot and killed during the response to a burglar alarm by the owner of the business he was checking.  

3.       Lieutenant Frank J. Cutshall 41 years, 11 years of service | EOW: January 11, 1953

    • Lieutenant Cutshall suffered a fatal heart attack while handling a bar fight—he had just arrested six men and placed them in the paddy wagon when he collapsed.

4.       Officer Charles M. Ross 30 years, 3 years of service | EOW: February 9, 1964

    • Patrolman Ross was shot to death with his own service weapon during a scuffle with two 19-year olds he was attempting to arrest.

5.       Officer Danny M. Cariker 29 years, 2 years of service | EOW: January 1, 1970

    • Officer Cariker was killed in a solo vehicle accident while responding to cover other officers on a man-with-a-gun call when his patrol car left the roadway and struck a utility pole.

6.       Officer Ronald H. Fuller 35 years | EOW: July 5, 1984

    • Officers Fuller and Whitty were killed when the airplane they were operating collided with another aircraft and crashed during a drug surveillance operation.

7.       Officer William C. Whitty 35 years | EOW:        July 5, 1984

    • Officers Fuller and Whitty were killed when the airplane they were operating collided with another aircraft and crashed during a drug surveillance operation.

8.       Officer Leonard W. Garcia 31 years, 6 years of service | EOW: December 28, 1992

    • Officers Garcia and Haynes were shot and killed by an enraged husband while on a domestic disturbance call—the shooter committed suicide shortly after firing the fatal bullets.

9.       Officer David T. Haynes 30 years, 8 years of service | EOW: December 28, 1992

    • Officers Garcia and Haynes were shot and killed by an enraged husband while on a domestic disturbance call—the shooter committed suicide shortly after firing the fatal bullets.

10.     Officer Bradley A. Moody 29 years, 7 service years | EOW: October 7, 2008

    • Officer Moody succumbed to traumatic injuries suffered in a solo vehicle accident three days after his patrol car struck a utility pole while responding to cover other officers on scene at a felony assault call.

Awards …

  • On a day we chose to honor some of the best traditions of the police service, we also included the formal recognition of noteworthy employee performance and employee achievement. It’s a given that everyone's contribution is valued and important.  But this ceremony is about recognizing individual efforts above and beyond the call of duty.  And a promotion is an indication of what years and years of hard work and commitment can lead to. It comes out of a lot of devotion, a lot of hard work, constant learning, and constant improving. Taking on more responsibility shows the quality of individual employee commitment as one goes higher up in the organization.  
  • Tim Gray was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant.
  • Florencio Rivera was promoted from officer to sergeant.
  • COURAGE & BRAVERY MEDAL – Sergeant John Lopez
    • Sergeant John Lopez was on-duty when he attempted to make a traffic enforcement stop in the 3000 block of Roosevelt Avenue.  After a brief pursuit, the passenger, carrying a pistol in his hand, exited the vehicle and ran toward Sergeant Lopez.  Sergeant Lopez took evasive action and reversed his vehicle.  Sergeant Lopez followed the armed suspect at a safe distance who then ran down the side yard between two homes.  Fearing for the safety of the public and responding officers, Sergeant Lopez exited his vehicle and chased the suspect on foot.  When Sergeant Lopez commanded the suspect to stop, the suspect turned toward him with his gun raised.  Sergeant Lopez delivered fire from his sidearm in self-defense. Sergeant Lopez ran to the front of the residence and paralleled the suspect as he jumped fences.  The suspect then emerged from between two homes and began firing his gun at Sergeant Lopez.  Sergeant Lopez returned fire and ended the gunfight decisively.  The suspect was taken into custody and medical aid was administered to the suspect who survived his injuries. The suspect was formally charged with the attempted murder of a peace officer along with a gang enhancement.  Sergeant Lopez displayed amazing restraint and calmness during this rapidly unfolding and harrowing incident.  His willingness to confront an armed suspect and place his safety second to the safety of the residents of Richmond was keeping in the highest traditions of our profession and Sergeant Lopez is to be commended for his display of courage and bravery in this incident.
  • LIFE SAVING MEDAL – Officer Jose Villalobos / Officer Matthew Meyer
    • Officer Villalobos and Officer Meyer responded to a report of a woman who was attempting to jump from the overpass at I-580/Canal Blvd.  Upon their arrival, they found an extremely despondent woman sitting on the ledge of the overpass with CHP Officer Harrington talking to her.  She threatened to commit suicide by jumping from the overpass.  Both officers realized that the woman did not realize they were behind her as she spoke to the CHP officer.  The two officers quickly formulated a plan to gain control over the woman and visually signaled their intention to the CHP officer.  As the CHP officer engaged her in conversation, Officers Meyer and Villalobos surreptitiously approached her from behind and pulled her to safety as she screamed at the officers to “let her die.” It was obvious that the distraught woman was intent on taking her life and if it were not for the actions taken by these officers, she would have succeeded in doing so.  Officer Villalobos and Officer Meyer are to be commended for their dedication to the preservation of human life and the care and compassion they embody in their chosen profession.  Their actions uphold the visions and values of the Richmond Police Department.
  • LIFE SAVING MEDAL – Officer Terry Miles / Officer Marshall Pagaling
    • Officer Miles was off duty and hosting a team party at his home.  During the course of the event, Officer Miles and Officer Pagaling observed Sergeant Parker-White’s six year old daughter floating face down in the backyard swimming pool.  They rushed to her aid and discovered she was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat. The two quickly coordinated their actions, with Officer Miles communicating with 911 personnel while Officer Pagaling began administering CPR.  Officer Miles calmly relayed the needed information to emergency personnel.  Officer Miles then assisted Officer Pagaling in their life saving efforts.  Officer Pagaling conducted chest compressions and rescue breathing for approximately two minutes when she regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital where she made a full recovery from her near-death experience. Officer Miles and Officer Pagaling both displayed incredible calm in this incident, especially considering the fact that any incident involving a child is naturally very emotional.  Their ability to coordinate efforts and communicate in this stressful ordeal speaks volumes to their sense of service and duty and they are to be commended for their life-saving actions.
  • LIFE SAVING MEDAL- Officer Terry Thomas
    • On June 29, 2015 Officer Thomas responded to a possible dead body at a local hotel (3170 Garrity Way) when he discovered the 58 year old unresponsive female in the hotel room.  She was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat.  Officer Thomas began administering CPR to the female for approximately two minutes until he was relieved by other rescue personnel.  She regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital for further treatment.  Several weeks later, the woman contacted Sergeant Smith and expressed her gratitude for Officer Thomas’ actions that saved her life. Officer Thomas performed in a manner that reflected the high level of professionalism expected out of Richmond Police officers and is to be commended for his commitment to the preservation of life and service to the community.
  • CHIEF’S LETTER OF COMMENDATION – Dispatch Call Taker Douglas Lamb
    • On June 7, 2016, Call Taker Lamb answered a 911 call for a medical emergency at 1300 South 51st Street.  Call Taker Lamb quickly and efficiently obtained the necessary information and immediately started the Emergency Medical Dispatch protocol.  He followed the procedure while reassuring the caller an ambulance was en route.  Based on his information gathering skills, Call Taker Lamb established that the victim was suffering from a stroke which led him to enact the stroke protocol.  Call Taker Lamb remained professional and courteous in this emotional incident.  His ability to remain calm and follow established protocols played a key role in the life saving efforts and is to be commended for his dedication to achieving the mission of the Richmond Police Department.
  • RichmondBUILD Receives $200,000 Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the selection of RichmondBUILD to receive a grant award of $200,000 to provide environmental job training programs for Richmond residents. Funded through the EPA’s Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) Program, this grant will help to prepare 60 residents for green jobs that reduce environmental contamination and provide more sustainable futures for the communities most affected by solid and hazardous waste contamination.  There were 14 awards made nationally and RichmondBUILD was the only grant awardee in California. 
Here is the link to EPA’s Region 9 blog on RichmondBUILD:
EPA blog on RichmmondBuild
For more information on RichmondBUILD, please visit or call (510) 620-1781

  • 2nd Annual Richmond Promise Scholars Celebration!

Please join the Richmond Promise community at an event to honor scholars and recognize the civic and educational partnerships that are critical to their success.  The event is free, but space is limited. Student Scholars may bring up to three friends or family members.

The event will be Thursday, May 25th from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM at the Richmond Memorial Auditorium.  Please RSVP online to confirm attendance. Please send inquiries to or call (510) 761-7231. 

Opportunities for Participation:

  • Attend! Join us at this event to honor and celebrate Richmond young people attending college! Event is free, but space is limited to 1000 guests, with priority to Richmond students and families. RSVP here to confirm attendance! 
  • Table! Do you offer a resource or a program that is beneficial to Richmond families and college-going high school students? Consider providing a table at the College Fair!  Contact Richmond Promise to confirm your spot:



  • City Manager Chronicles

I have listed below some of the topics for meetings that I attended during the past week in the hope that it provides an idea of the varied issues with which our organization deals routinely.

Meetings of note this past week included:

  • Met, along with staff members from various City departments, with Mayor Butt and technical sound consultants, to discuss regulatory options to address issues of industrial noise adjacent to residential areas;
  • Attended the official groundbreaking of the Miraflores senior housing development project;
  • Met with the Council-established budget committee of the City’s various bargaining units;
  • Attended the meeting of the Richmond Youth Council and provided an overview of the city management profession, and of the job of the Richmond City Manager;
  • Attended a meeting with the delegation from Richmond’s Sister City of Zhoushan, China;
  • Attended the monthly meeting of the Council of Industries at which Police Chief Allwyn Brown was the guest speaker;
  • Participated in a conference call with representatives from Mercy Housing, along with Richmond Housing Authority consultant Tia Ingram, to discuss the Hacienda redevelopment;
  • Attended the Richmond Promise Board of Directors meeting;
  • Met, along with Community Services Director Rochelle Monk, with Alec Lee of the organization Aim High to discuss summer learning programs for middle school students;
  • Met, together with CIP/Engineering Director Yader Bermudez, Information Technology Director Sue Hartman, Electrical Superintendent Cornell Hughes, and Mayor’s staff member Christopher Whitmore, with representatives from Trainfo, Inc. to discuss train detection and monitoring technology.

These meetings were in addition to attending the regular management staff meeting, agenda planning, reviewing staff reports to the City Council, doing department head “check-ins,” having discussions on various personnel matters, and having short discussions with staff, community members, members of the press, etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the substance of these or any other topics.

  • FY 2017-18 Operating and Capital Improvement Budget

This past week, staff from City departments presented to the City Council an overview of their draft fiscal year 2017-18 operating and capital improvement budget, including mission, goals, staffing levels, and proposed budget. Department presentations will conclude at the meeting on May 23rd, followed by the City Council’s initial review and discussion of the draft operating and capital budgets.

  • Fire Department Hires New Emergency Services Manager

Genevieve Pastor-Cohen has been hired to bring the knowledge, skills, and abilities from her 25 years of experience in the comprehensive emergency management field to the Richmond Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Services. Ms. Pastor-Cohen has served as the Senior Emergency Planning Coordinator for the City of Oakland, the Emergency Preparedness Manager for the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, and the Security and Emergency Operations Program Manager for the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Pastor-Cohen earned a Master’s Degree in Emergency Services Administration and is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM). She served as president of the Alameda County Emergency Managers Association and was an active member since 1998.

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Pastor-Cohen to the Richmond Fire Department.

Pastor Cohen

  • Richmond Library Hosts Teen Skateboard Event on May 24th

Richmond Library Teens will host “The Science of Skateboard Physics” in collaboration with the Richmond Parks and Recreation Division. The event will be held on May 24th from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM at the Nicholl Park Skateboard Park. Please come out and join us!

Follow the link below to watch the Science of Skateboard Physics

  • Environmental Sustainability Summer Jobs Available for Richmond Youth and Young Adults

The City of Richmond is partnering with the Rising Sun Energy Center to connect Richmond youth and young adults with the California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program. CYES employs local youth to provide free residential energy and water efficiency installation and education services, or Green House Calls, and operates in six Bay Area and Central Valley counties, including Richmond. Rising Sun is currently recruiting Richmond residents for Energy Specialists and Managers.

Energy Specialist:

Rising Sun is hiring youth ages 15-22 for the Energy Specialist position. On the job, pairs of Energy Specialists visit homes in their communities by pre-scheduled appointments to help residents save water and energy.

Energy Specialist Job Description


Leader-In-Field-Training (LIFT):

Rising Sun is hiring young people ages 18-24 for the position of LIFT. LIFT will support Energy Specialists in their job of providing no cost installations of water and energy saving devices to residents. LIFT's learn technical and transferable skills working closely with their managers and creating a pathway for them to return as managers.

Leader-In-Field-Training (LIFT) Job Description


Summer Program Manager:

Rising Sun is hiring Summer Program Managers. We are looking for individuals looking to increase their grassroots outreach skills and managerial experience, while gaining a foothold in the non-profit sustainability sector and supporting local youth. SPM's will run the sites and manage and mentor the Energy Specialists who provide energy efficiency assessments and installations to residents.

Summer Program Manager Job Description



  • West County Community CPR/AED Training – Two Dates Remaining

Supervisor John Gioia and American Medical Response are co-sponsoring free CPR/AED training at various locations in West Contra Costa County.  This hands-on training is offered by professionals in the field, and could help you save a life one day.  Please see the flyer below for information on dates, times, and locations for the two training dates that are remaining.

  • Community Services

Food Emporium Memorial Day Weekend
In April, Food Emporium hosted its spring kickoff with lots of family-friendly fun: live music, art, bicycles, a car show, local food trucks, and local organizations. We're coming back for the Memorial Day weekend on Sunday, May 28th, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at Hilltop Lake Park! Curbside KitchenKim's Louisana Fried Turkey & Stuff, and The Crowned Cupcake will be returning, but we’ll also be joined by Taqueria Esperanza, Madiba’s Gourmet Chicken, and B.Boy BBQ! Admission is FREE to this community event.

Food Emporium is a 100% volunteer-run organization. We gladly welcome volunteers, entertainers, artists, sponsors, and vendors of all kinds to help make this event a success. To find out how you can get involved, visit their website at or e-mail

ServiceWorks is Celebrating Global Community Day

ServiceWorks Richmond is partnering with the City of Richmond Community Services Department, Richmond Tool Library, and Richmond Love Your Block to host a cleanup to celebrate Global Community Day!

Come and join us on Saturday, June 10th to help revamp Richmond Tool Library and clean up Nicholl Park and the Community Services Department. We will be meeting promptly at 11:00 AM in front of the picnic tables for registration. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent to sign a liability waiver.
Invite your friends and family members to join us on Saturday. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  RSVP on Eventbrite is required to make sure that we have enough food for all!


For more information, contact Vanessa Chau at or at (510) 620-6552

Richmond Annex Sr. Center Mother’s and Father’s Day Celebration

Last Friday, May 12th, the Richmond Annex Senior Center hosted its annual Mother’s and Father’s Day Celebration.  Forty seniors attended the event and enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and fruit salad.  The entertainment by Yoko and Sunshine Girls, including the Music Sing- A- Long with their guitarists was great. Many thanks to all who helped make the event a huge success!

Richmond Senior Center – Puzzled? Not at All!
Seniors and other participants finished a 9,000 piece puzzle in the library area. The puzzle was started on July 11, 2016 and finished on May 4, 2017.

Participants have now started a 40,320 piece Disney puzzle. Pictured with the completed puzzle is Dennis Rhodes, who is a regular each day working on the puzzle.



Spring Clothing Drive to Benefit Bay Area Rescue Mission

The Community Services Department’s Spring Clothing Drive is now under way! We need your help collecting new, unworn clothing essentials such as underwear, bras, socks, and belts for the residents and guests at Bay Area Rescue Mission (BARM). While plenty of clothing is donated to BARM, new undergarments are much more difficult to come by. Please consider bringing these clothing essentials in their original packaging to the barrels located at any of the following City of Richmond locations:

  • Booker T. Anderson Community Center
  • Community Services Building (Recreation Complex)
  • May Valley Community Center
  • Nevin Community Center
  • Parchester Community Center
  • Richmond City Hall
  • Richmond Plunge
  • Richmond Police Department
  • Richmond Public Library – Bayview
  • Richmond Public Library – West Side
  • Richmond Swim Center
  • Shields-Reid Community Center

For more information about the spring clothing drive, contact Stephanie Ny at or (510) 620-6563.

For more information about Bay Area Rescue Mission, visit or call (510) 215-4555.

  • Information Technology

Website Statistics

For the Week Ending 5-19-2017

Tweets and Facebook followers are up!

  • Actions are up 100%
  • Page views are up by 16%
  • Post engagement are up by 30% 
  • Tweet impressions, profile visits, and followers are up!


0901-Energize Richmond 3
0901-Energize Richmond 2
0901-Energize Richmond 1
City of Richmond Mobile APP UPDATE
The City of Richmond’s mobile phone app is available on the Apple App store and Google Play store. 

  • Monthly app use has increased each of the last 4 months.
  • 74% of users with the app installed used it at lease once in the Month of March.


This City of Richmond mobile app provides Richmond’s community members with one-stop access to City services and information via mobile devices. The app allows quick and real-time reporting of neighborhood-related issues; viewing the City’s Events Calendar; finding addresses and phone numbers of local businesses, city departments and council members. Locating one of Richmond’s numerous parks, and welcoming libraries and community centers, including reserving rental space for that special occasion are all done with ease! You may view the City’s mobile app on YouTube: The City of Richmond is looking forward to feedback from the community on this upgraded Mobile App. We welcome your comments at

  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Operations


Crews demolished an abandoned property, performed weed abatement in City lots, abated alleyways, continued with abatement of the exterior of the Hacienda apartments, continued with removing illegal dumping and graffiti throughout the city.

gRANT (1)gRANT%20(2)gRANT%20(3)gRANT%20(4)
House Demolition

Hacienda Clean Up

Miraflores (7)Miraflores (16)
Sidewalk Clean-Up

Facilities Maintenance

Carpenters continued to resolve safety issues at the Recreation Complex and built a new testing wall at the Richmond Police Department.

Painters began painting the exterior of the Senior Annex Community Center.

Stationary Engineers replaced door closures at the Bayview Branch Library, repaired a freezer in the Police Department, fixed the refrigerator in the Information and Technology area, cleared drains for water fountains in the Auditorium, installed timers for the air handlers at the Museum, made numerous keys for offices and cabinets, fixed a door at City Hall, reconfigured cubicles in 440 Civic Center Plaza, and repaired the door closure at the Recreation Complex gym.

Electricians replaced the street light pole at South 23rd Street and Ohio Avenue, repaired lighting at Fire Station #68, replaced switch on the Auditorium stage lighting control board, built  a fixture for Richmond Parkway and Lakeside Drive, restored outside lighting at the Dispatch Center, replaced the temporary traffic pole at Macdonald Avenue and 16th Street, repaired irrigation controllers at the Moody Underpass and Shamada Park, and addressed timing for the Richmond Parkway.

Pole Replacement

Utility workers set up the Council Chambers for an event hosted by the Human Resources Department, replaced ceiling tiles in the Employment and Training Building, set up multiple facilities for various events, and serviced 29 City owned buildings.

Ceiling Tile Replacement

Parks and Landscaping Division
General maintenance crews weed whipped the Humphrey, trimmed the Communications Center, weeded and trimmed LaMoine Park, performed maintenance at Humboldt Playlot, delivered mulch to Wendell Park, and repaired irrigation at LaMoine Park.

Weed abatement Humboldt Playlot
Humboldt Playlot Maintenance

The tree crew cut or timmed trees on South 55th Street, May Road, Grove Street, Broadway, Clinton Playlot, and Huntington Park.

Hilltop District crews continued maintenance around Hilltop Mall business area, continued with the Richmond Country Club Vista landscaping project, performed weed abatement on Hilltop Drive, weed abated off and on ramps on Richmond Parkway to Giant Road, and continued maintenance of the Hilltop Lake area.

Marina District crews continued the landscaping project on Regatta Boulevard, performed weed abatement throughout the Marina Shoreline trail entrance roads, installed benches, and checked the irrigation throughout the area.

Weed abatement (Marina)
Weed Abatement in the Marina

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about these or any other items of interest to you.

Have a great week!

Bill Lindsay
City Manager
City of Richmond
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, California 94804
(510) 620-6512

You can sign up to receive the City Manager’s weekly report and other information from the City of Richmond by visiting: