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  Public Notice Announcing the Closure of the Post Office on Nevin
February 1, 2017

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has publicly noticed the closure of the Post Office at 1025 Nevin Avenue. Comments must be received by February 8, 2017.

Jody Low, Real Estate Specialist
USPS Facilities Office
PO Box 27497
Greensboro, NC 27498-1103

Per the public notice, the USPS has deemed the building excess and is no longer necessary for Postal operations. The City of Richmond is in the process of revitalizing the downtown area. The post office is essential to the health of downtown. The post office serves residents and local businesses in the heart of Richmond and is in close proximity to the transportation hub at the Richmond BART Station. Should this closure take place, the alternative locations are in Point Richmond and San Pablo. Both locations are smaller offices with minimal parking.

It is vital to maintain postal operations at 1025 Nevin Avenue. The Richmond community has already dealt with the closure of the Station A Post Office at 200 Broadway. The closure of a second post office will cause a significant hardship to seniors and those with limited access to transportation or the internet.

Access to a retail Post Office is necessary for nearby residents, visitors and businesses for the purposes of accessing post office boxes, mail-box drop-off, passport applications and other retail postal service. Please join the City of Richmond in opposing the closure of the Post Office at 1025 Nevin Avenue by calling the postmaster and/or writing a letter to voice your concerns.

Ms. Gurpreet Sohal, Richmond Postmaster
District Operations Office

Councilmember Martinez has placed an item on the February 7th City Council Meeting to adopt a resolution in opposition of the closure.

Opposition to closure should be conveyed to Congressman Mark DeSaulnier.