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  Energy Efficiency Pilot Program for Low-Income Families and Tenants
December 21, 2017

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MCE Clean Energy Low Income Families and Tenants Pilot Program (LIFT)

The Low Income Families and Tenants (LIFT) program offers income qualified multifamily owners and tenants an opportunity to save money and electricity while improving quality of life for the residents.

Qualified properties are eligible to receive:

*           $1,200 per unit in addition to rebates provided by MCE's Multifamily Energy Savings Program
*           Rebates to lower the cost of common area upgrades
*           Referrals to other programs to enable additional savings
*           Low-cost high efficiency electric heating and cooling appliances
*           LIFT program measures include (but are not limited to) LED light bulbs, pipe insulation, weatherization, smart power strips, smart thermostats, bath fans, refrigerators, showerheads, and more.

Who is eligible?

*           Properties eligible to participate in MCE's Multifamily Energy Savings Program
*           Residents at or below the 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines

For more information or to get started, complete a simple online form , call (415) 464-6033 or send an email to