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  Update on MCE Activities
October 30, 2017

Lots of news to share about activities of MCE, Richmond’s electricity generation provider.

  • Marketing: This 30-second video about MCE, Doers & Do Gooders, was played for MCE Board members at the Board retreat. Please consider circulating it to your network via websites, newsletters and social media.

  • Local Build-Out:
    Construction of MCE Solar One is in full force! See the attached “Solar One Update” for details and great photos of the local workforce making this dream a reality. Since most of this project is on a capped brownfield, the majority of the panels will sit on concrete slabs, which will keep them stable without puncturing the cap.  Dual-axis trackers, which "track" the sun throughout the day, will increase output efficiency by approximately 30%. For a complete report, click here.

  • CPUC News:
    • The CPUC recently announced a new equity program that directs $55M for energy storage in low income households and environmentally burdened communities. Be on the lookout for an MCE press release on Monday, October 30 about MCE’s new Low Income Family Tenants (LIFT) pilot program.  
    • On 10/31 from 9-5pm, the CPUC is hosting an informal workshop in Sacramento, titled "An Evaluation of Regulatory Framework Options for an Evolving Electric Market". This will include a discussion on "Stakeholder Market Views on Potential Customer Choice Models." In a group of 9 presenters, Peninsula Clean Energy's CEO, Jan Pepper, will be representing the CCA perspective over the course of this two-hour discussion. There will be an hour for public comment at the end and you can watch it online and/or submit comments by 11/13. 

  • Deep Green: The recent enrollment of 13 MCE member communities in our Deep Green 100% renewable service has catalyzed community advocates and residents to follow suit. Deep Green enrollments have increased significantly, with every MCE community increasing its percentage of Deep Green enrollments. For a look at how your community is doing, please see the attached “Deep Green Graph”. If you’re interested in exploring Deep Green for your community please let me know and we’ll be happy to work with your staff to provide information.

  • MCE Employment Opportunities: MCE is accepting applications for Public Affairs Interns and an Administrative Assistant. Please feel free to circulate to your networks.

  • Upcoming Events: MCE staff have already participated in over 200 events this year. For a list of upcoming community events please visit   

  • Resources: CAISO (the California Independent System Operator) published a vision document, "Electricity 2030 – Trends and Tasks for the Coming Years" (attached) which guided discussion on a decarbonized, decentralized grid at their recent symposium. It touches on a lot of the areas MCE has been working to advance including environmental justice, energy efficiency, fuel switching, etc.