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  2016 City Council Election Field Shaping Up One Week Before Filing Deadline
August 5, 2016

With one  week to go before the filing deadline of August 12, eight persons have taken out filing papers to run for Richmond City Council:

  • Nat Bates
  • Corky Booze
  • Cesar Zepeda
  • Jael Myrick
  • Ben Choi
  • Melvin Willis
  • Uche J. Uwamehu
  • Vinay Pimplé

Only Bates has completed the process and qualified.

The list includes:

  • Three incumbents: Bates, Myrick and Pimplé
  • Two members of the Richmond Progressive Alliance Steering Committee: Choi and Willis
  • Former candidate for mayor (2914) Uwamehu
  • Former City Council Member Corky Booze