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  And Another Thing
June 22, 2016


It was after 11:00PM at last night’s City Council meeting, and the RPA3 + Myrick insisted on presenting a proposed Rent Control Moratorium that required six votes to pass. They knew the votes weren’t there, but they insisted on making the entire City Council and City staff sit through public testimony, advocacy by RPA City Council members and, finally, a vote.

Unsurprisingly, the proposal was defeated on a 4-3 vote, not even close.

I find this incredibly cynical that the RPA continues to use City Council meetings as political theater rather than for City business. City staff get paid to sit through these performances, and it means they can’t be using the time for something more productive to benefit the City rather than the RPA.

If the RPA wants to put on a gratuitous performance, there are plenty of opportunities to do it elsewhere without using public resources.

Just sayin’