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  Richmond's mayor says they have a 'ghost ship' unpermitted nightclub
December 7, 2016
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Richmond's mayor says they have a 'ghost ship' unpermitted nightclub

Richmond officials are looking at what they fear could be another Ghost Ship -- an off-the-radar nightclub. (KGO-TV)

by Leslie Brinkley
Tuesday, December 06, 2016 08:15PM
OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) –

Richmond officials are looking at what they fear could be another "Ghost Ship" -- an off-the-radar nightclub at a warehouse.
A band that performed at an underground nightclub called Burnt Ramen on November 12 posted a video on Facebook.

The building is boarded up, and there's a mural on the outside -- a place Richmond's mayor says is similar to the Ghost Ship warehouse since it's an unpermitted, unlicensed concert venue that bills itself online as an unsafe place for all ages. "I don't know if people are living there. I've been told that some people are living there. I think it's just an example of a lot of places in a lot of cities that are under the radar," Richmond Mayor Tom Butt said.

That means they don't have a permit or a business license, which is what opens the door to fire inspections and code enforcement. "There's a feeling like well it's OK, they are artists, they are just a bunch of kids having fun," Butt said. "Nobody really realizes the consequences of something like this until you have the fire like you had in Oakland."

The full list of victims of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, Calif. are listed here, and will be updated as more victim names are released. (KGO-TV)

Richmond's mayor says many cities are relaxed about code enforcement because it's low priority and is a tedious process. Often times, inspectors can't get access and have to go to court. He says not getting a business license is the ticket to being off the code enforcement radar. The city started cracking down last Summer. "There are probably more businesses in Richmond without business licenses than there are with business licenses," Butt said.

At Burnt Ramen, a man on a bicycle took a business card and said he worked there but would not comment saying, only that people are touchy right now.

As for Burnt Ramen the city says they plan to do fire and safety inspections later this month. If the property owner won't let them in, they say they are prepared to get a warrant and enter the property anyway.

If you are trying to locate a loved one, or need information call 510-382-3000.

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