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  Horse Stables at Point Pinole Regional Park
December 19, 2016

On the Agenda of tomorrow’s City Council meeting is a resolution requesting the East Bay Regional Park District to build and operate an equestrian center at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline.

As you may have read recently, the City of Richmond discovered an illegal and dangerous commercial stable operation with over a hundred horses that will have to be shut down. See:


We are asking the EBRPD to consider establishing an equestrian center at Point Pinole, perhaps similar to those in other regional parks. Lise Stamplfi, who lead the efforts for setting up  Skyline Ranch Equestrian Center and the Oakland  City Stables, both located within East Bay Regional Parks, also thinks this is a good idea. There are several such facilities at EBRPD sites, but none readily accessible to the low-income and ethnically diverse population of West Contra Costa, or even Contra Costa County. They are all in Alameda County.

Point Pinole allows horses and is a designated staging area for horses but has no facilities. The park is huge (2,315 acres) but significantly underutilized. This would be an ideal way to serve the surrounding communities and increase use of the park.

If this is something you could support, consider attending tomorrow’s meeting to speak in favor.



WHEREAS, between 100 and 150 horses boarded at a sub-standard and unpermitted facility located between 2777 and 2775 Giant Road in Richmond, must be relocated to a safe and authorized facility; and

WHEREAS, no commercial-scale horse boarding facilities have been identified with the capacity to accommodate the large number of horses currently boarded at the Giant Road property, and

WHEREAS, City of Richmond officials, working with the Mayor’s Office and the property owners and horse boarders at the Giant Road site, have determined that developing a sufficient boarding facility at the site is not a feasible or safe option for the horses; and

WHEREAS, the EBRPD has a demonstrated ability to host private enterprise and horse stables on park land including: the Piedmont Stables at Redwood Regional Park, the Chabot Equestrian Center and the Skyline Ranch Equestrian Center at Anthony Chabot Regional Park, and the Las Trampas Stables at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness; and

WHEREAS, the EBRPD has a long history in Richmond with many large and popular parks within the City limits; and

WHEREAS, the Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is a 2,315 acre park which is part of the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD), featuring extensive open space, beaches, trails and a fishing pier; and

WHEREAS, the horses boarded at the Giant Road property are located less than two (2) miles from the Point Pinole Regional Shoreline and are frequently taken to the park for recreational rides; and

WHEREAS, various owners and managers responsible for horses at the Giant Road property have expressed an interest and willingness to organize and invest private funds in the development of horse stables at any suitable site in the area; and
WHEREAS, the existing landscape and amenities at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline provide an ideal location for accommodating horse stables and equestrian uses; and

WHEREAS, the local area communities including Richmond, North Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, and Pinole benefit greatly in having access to equestrian activities and boarding facilities which contribute to outdoor education, community events and cultural expression.

WHEREAS, there is a high demand for an equestrian facility near the area in and around Richmond because most of the owners and managers of horses located at the Giant Road property live nearby.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and City Council of the City of Richmond herby request that the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors take expeditious action in allowing for the development of a horse boarding facility at the Point Pinole Regional Shoreline park; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Mayor and City Council recognize the benefits to the community from equestrian activity which include: outdoor education, participation in local festivities and events, stress reduction, and life skills; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City of Richmond, in cooperation with the East Bay Regional Park District and the horse owners and managers at the Giant Road property, work together to identify the necessary steps for the successful development of a suitable horse boarding facility at Point Pinole; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that if the EBRPD determines that Point Pinole is un-fit for horse boarding and equestrian activity that the EBRPD identify another suitable location, within their jurisdiction proximate to Richmond, that can accommodate horse stables.