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  Terminal 1 CEQA Lawsuit Settled
November 7, 2016

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After the City Council approved a development plan for Terminal 1 in July 2016, a group of residents filed a CEQA lawsuit (Brickyard Cove Residents File Legal Challenge to Terminal 1 Project, August 24, 2016).

I facilitated a mediation among the parties to try and resolve their differences. I am happy to report that that the mediation was successful, and the lawsuit has been settled. I want to thank the parties for participating and finding a resolution.

This is an important project for the City of Richmond, which will bring:

  • $917,325 annually in property taxes for the City of Richmond ($19,688,944 over ten years)
  • $ 5,849,112 in in-lieu payments for affordable housing under inclusionary zoning that will leverage the construction of over 200 affordable units in Richmond
  • $ 4,076,572 in other impact fees for schools, parks, congestion management, etc.