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  Measure L Debate
November 3, 2016
Here is the full video of the October 26, 2016 Measure L debate, hosted by the Point Richmond Business Association.

Presenting arguments for Measure L were panelists Rob Lipton and Mike Parker. Rob Lipton is a spatial epidemiologist at UC Davis, with a focus on violence and health inequities. He has also worked for the California Department of Health and been on the faculties of the University of Michigan and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital/Harvard Medical school. He has lived in Point Richmond for five years, is a board member of Richmond Swims, the swimming program at the Plunge, and is a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance. Mike Parker is a retired industrial electrician, electronics professor, and former co-coordinator of the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

Presenting arguments against Measure L was Jeffrey Wright, a native of Richmond and a real estate broker with 37 years of experience who has served not only individuals and families but also attorneys, government agencies, trustees, investors, and banks. He is a member of the Contra Costa County Planning Commission and the president of the Richmond Museum Association. He has served as the President of the West Contra Costa Association of Realtors and as a board member of the California Association of Realtors.