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  Get Contra Costa Moving - Vote Yes on X
November 3, 2016

Yes on X

Get Contra Costa Moving: Vote Yes on X

Please join me in Supporting Measure X by voting this coming week or at the polls on November 8th! Measure X will address our serious transportation issues in Contra Costa County.

This measure gives Contra Costa voters the opportunity to approve a $2.9 billion transportation plan and revenue measure that features cutting-edge transportation improvements and new infrastructure. These local dollars will also be leveraged to bring in almost three times more state and federal funding for our critical local projects and programs.

Throughout the county, Measure X will: repair potholes, fix roads, improve BART capacity and reliability, improve highways, enhance public transit services for everyone, increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians and so much more!

More directly, Richmond will receive over $82 million for the improvements we want most.

The plan provides funding for these key local projects:
● Provide direct funding to Richmond to repair streets and x potholes 

● Reduce traffic congestion on I-80 and add high-capacity transit 

● Improve access to BART stations and bus stops for cars, bicycles and pedestrians, including additional parking 

● Add new BART cars to improve reliability and reduce overcrowding 

● Make transit easier and more accessible for seniors and people with disabilities 

● Improve bus service and better connect buses to other transit options 

● Make it safer and easier to bike or walk on major streets, like San Pablo Avenue 

● Support new ferry service to Richmond 

Measure X builds on the success of earlier voter-approved transportation measures, which brought us the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel, BART extensions, carpool lanes on 80 and 680, and major improvements to Highway 4. Measure X will continue to make major transportation improvements to help people get where they need to go with ease.

Join me this week and vote Yes on Measure X on November 8th or by mail!