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  Richmond Agricultural Conference to Spotlight Food Security, Reducing Emissions
September 2, 2015

Richmond agricultural conference to spotlight food security, reducing emissions

RICHMOND -- Farmers, scientists, policymakers, nonprofit organizations and community leaders will converge in Richmond next week to explore how sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices can help reduce global warming and increase food security.
The Soil Not Oil International Conference, set for Sept. 4 and 5 at the Richmond Civic Center, will focus on practical carbon farming (also known as regenerative agriculture) solutions including cover crops, planned grazing, compost application on range land, tree planting and other holistic land use practices.

Environmental activist and anti-globalization author Vandana Shiva will be the keynote speaker. 
Other presenters will include soil scientist Rattan Lal, environmental and land use attorney Claire Hope Cummings, Earth Guardians director and youth leader Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, agro-ecologist Miguel Altieri and Seeds of Life Director Adelita San Vicente Tello.

Tickets start at $50 for a one-day pass. For more information, visit

Nutiva CEO John W. Roulac who is presenting on the role of ocean and soil health recently write the article :

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