Tom Butt
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  City Manager Compensation
February 11, 2015

Mr. Lindsay’s compensation is well within the range of comparable cities, ranking third. The city manager oversees a staff of 767 employees and a General Fund Budget of $140 million plus an equal amount in capital projects. Add another $25 million for the Richmond Housing Authority. I am curious if you know of a comparable private sector CEO who makes significantly less?

Unlike some of the comparable cities, Richmond is a full-service city, which operates a port, a housing authority and a redevelopment successor agency as well as police, fire and parks and recreation.

Since Lindsay has been our city manager, crime has plummeted, streets are in the best condition they have been in for decades and the number of city employees is the lowest in decades. In short, we are doing a lot more with a lot less.

There is simply no evidence that the city manager’s performance has been anything but exemplary. Where isolated issues of departmental mismanagement have occurred, the city manager has fully investigated them and taken proper corrective action.