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  Revised Swearing-in Ceremony Invitation
December 24, 2014

Thank you everyone who pointed out that the original invitation issued by the City of Richmond used the date 2014 instead of 2015. For those who thought you may have missed this auspicious occasion in January of 2014  or were prepared to time-travel backward to make it, your worries are over. I offer the following date-corrected version.

The Swearing-In Ceremony
for Newly-elected Mayor
Tom Butt
and for re-elected and newly-elected
Jovanka Beckles
Gayle McLaughlin
Eduardo Martinez
Jael Myrick
will be held
on Tuesday, the thirteenth of January
Two thousand and fifteen
at six thirty in the evening
Richmond City Council Chamber
                                                                                    440 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, California

A reception will be held following the
Ceremony in the lobby of the Richmond Memorial Convention Center
403 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, California