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  City Manager's Weekly Report for the Week Ending February 28th, 2014
March 3, 2014

Mayor and City Councilmembers:

This is the weekly report for the week ending February 28th, 2014.

1.    Meeting Notes

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 4th beginning with a Housing Authority Commission meeting at 6:00 PM, followed by the regular City Council agenda at 6:30 PM.

2.    Miraflores Senior Housing Development Receives Grant

The City learned late Friday that the Miraflores Senior Housing development received an award of $3.3 million from the State of California’s Infill Infrastructure Grant program.  Although funding gaps still remain, this brings the City many steps closer to realizing the dream of quality affordable housing at Miraflores.  Thanks go to Natalia Lawrence, the development’s project manager in the City’s Housing Division, and all City staff that helped in this effort.  Thanks also go to the City’s development partners, Eden Housing and CHDC.

I will provide more information on the status of this project in a future weekly report. 

3.    His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Visits the Tibetan Community Center in Richmond
On Sunday, February 23rd, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, made a scheduled visit to the Tibetan Community Center in Richmond, an event that was attended by approximately 250 people.  The security detail was coordinated between the Richmond Police Department, the Richmond Fire Department, the U.S. State Department, and the California Highway Patrol.  Police Lt. Carmichael was the Incident Commander for the event and was assisted by members of the Police Department’s Mobile Field Force and Traffic/Special Events Unit.

The Dalai Lama took the time to visit with and have his picture taken with the security detail and Fire Department personnel.  My office received several compliments on the public safety personnel at the event for their professionalism and approachability.
Description: Description: RPDheroesR

Description: Description: DalaiLama_Richmond

4.    Port Public Art Design Selected

The City has an ordinance that requires 1.5% of the cost of certain capital projects be used for public art.  The Port of Richmond’s substantial investment in rail infrastructure several years ago, which allowed for contracts with Honda and Subaru for auto handling operations, provided funding under this ordinance to make a significant addition to Richmond’s public art canvas.

During the week of February 3rd, the Richmond Arts & Culture Commission (RACC), and the Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC) displayed three final design proposals in the lobby of City Hall to gather input from City employees and members of the public on three final proposals for a sculpture at Point Sheridan.  The three excellent design proposals were by public artists Carl Cheng, Doug Hollis, and Reed Madden Designs.

The selection panel from the RACC and PAAC reviewed all public comments, and heard presentations by the artists on February 10th.  After a careful review, they voted to select the design submitted by the Richmond studio Reed-Madden Designs, “Changing Tide.”

The PAAC and RACC will complete their review and approval of the outcome of the selection panel’s vote, and then the design will be reviewed by a conservator to make sure that the materials and design are feasible, and the budget is accurate. The Design Review Board will next review the specifications, and the project, which will be located at the very end of Harbour Way South, should be installed in early 2015.

Description: Port_Reed Madden_CTexperience

Description: Port_Reed Madden_CTplan

5.    Call for Nominations – Distinguished Volunteer Service Award

The City of Richmond’s impact volunteering program, Richmond ESC – Excellence Serving our Community, the Offices of Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and City Manager Bill Lindsay, and the Richmond Community Foundation invite you to nominate your volunteer(s) for a Distinguished Volunteer Service Award that will recognize outstanding service in our community in the following areas of Public Safety, Beautification, Education, Health and Wellness, the Arts, and overall Excellence in Community Service. The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 21st, at 5:00 PM.

The Distinguished Volunteer Service Awards will be presented at the annual city-wide Volunteer Recognition and Awards Ceremony at the Richmond Auditorium, on Thursday, April 10th, at 4:00 PM.   For more information please call (510) 620-6511, or visit www.richmondvolunteers.org

Service AwardsAward winners

6.    City Manager Chronicles

I have listed below some of the topics for meetings that I have recently attended in the hope that it provides an idea of the varied issues with which our organization deals routinely.

Much of the activities of the recent week involved working on issues relating to the Richmond Housing Authority. Other activities and meeting topics during the past week have included:

·         Met with representatives from Environmental Finance Group (EFG), the lenders on the Zeneca site, to discuss ways to work with the State Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to facilitate the clean-up of that site;
·         Attended the regular, bi-weekly meeting of the Richmond Bay Campus project team (UC Berkeley and LBNL);
·         Reviewed strategies for balancing the City’s operating budget, and received the monthly financial status report, from Finance Department staff;
·         Attended several meetings concerning the Chevron modernization project EIR;
·         Attended the public meeting hosted by the Richmond Bay Campus concerning ways in which to capture community benefits from the project development;
·         Attended the annual PAL luncheon to celebrate the success of this outstanding organization;
·         Met with representatives from the Union Pacific and Richmond Pacific railroads to discuss issues associated with the South Shoreline Specific Plan;
·         Participated in several meetings, including one with HUD staff, to discuss housing program (NSP, HOME, CDBG) compliance issues.

These meetings were in addition to attending the regular management staff meeting, agenda planning, reviewing staff reports to the City Council, doing department head “check-ins,” having discussions on various personnel matters, and having short discussions with staff, community members, members of the press, etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the substance of these or any other topics.

7.    2014 Historic Preservation Awards

The City of Richmond and the Richmond Historic Preservation Commission invites nominations for the 2014 Richmond Historic Preservation Awards. The purpose of the Historic Preservation Awards program is to increase public awareness of Richmond’s heritage by recognizing individuals, organizations, businesses, and agencies whose contributions demonstrate outstanding commitment to excellence in historic preservation, local history or promotion of the heritage of the City.

The Awards will be presented in May, National Preservation Month. In addition to public and private buildings and structures, historic preservation projects may include media, publications, presentations and exhibits, parks, burial grounds, public art, oral history, theater productions, events and video presentations.

Below is a list of last year's award winners:

·         Orton Development, Inc. & Marcy Wong, Architect for Rehabilitating the Oil House for the Rosie the Riveter Visitor Center
·         The National Park Service & Signature Communications for the film "Home Front Heroes"
·         Susan Imboden & the East Bay Regional Park District for the Alvarado Park Oral History Project
·         Donna Powers for Establishing the Rosie the Riveter Memorial
·         Andre Thierry for Preserving Creole Traditions and Music in Richmond
·         Lois Boyle for Years of Service Preserving Richmond's History
·         Nancy Strauch & Bruce Burbaker for Restoring Access to Boat Ramp Street

Park & Rec Society

Eligibility: Any individual, group, organization or agency involved in historic preservation or promoting Richmond’s heritage is eligible to receive a Richmond Historic Preservation Award. The preservation project or activity (or a substantial portion of a large-scale multiple activity project) must have been completed no later than December 31, 2013.

Nomination Form: You may nominate an eligible preservation project or activity by submitting a completed 2014 Historic Preservation Awards Nomination Form to the Richmond Planning and Building Services Department. Additional details about eligibility, evaluation criteria used, and submittal requirements are found in the nomination form which can be downloaded at www.ci.richmond.ca.us/preservationaward.

Nominations are due by 5:00 PM on March 28, 2014. Feel free to call Hector Rojas, Senior Planner, at (510) 620-6662 with any questions you may have.

8.    Recreation Highlights

California Parks and Recreation Society

Last week, the Recreation Department management staff attended the California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS), District 3, annual awards and installation luncheon.  The department submitted Garry Hurlbut for Volunteer of the Year recognition, and retired staff member Jerry Anderson for a Lifetime Achievement Award.  The Recreation Department and Commission on Aging won the Competitive Agency Showcase Award-Outstanding Special Event for the Senior Winter Ball.  Staff celebrated and presented the honorees with their awards during the banquet. 
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May Valley

May Valley Community Center Kids ‘N Motion After School Program has been very busy over the last few weeks.  Lately, the youth worked along with staff to create mini applique quilts using old material donated by staff and the Richmond Senior Center Annex.  With help from the Coordinator, each participating child and staff completed their projects.  Future sewing projects will include creating a quilt, with youth input, which will be displayed in the community center.

Participants who joined May Valley during the Presidents Week break enjoyed a variety of activities with a bowling excursion as their favorite part of the week.  Everyone went to Albany Bowl for two games of bowling, along with a snack stop.  Youth learned the fundamentals of bowling etiquette during their two games. 

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Nevin Center

Many thanks to Public Works Department staff for their diligent work at the Nevin Community Center.  They replaced the water heater, having to remove part of the walls for the repair.  Also, the roof and the front of the building received a thorough cleaning with a pressure washing.

Description: Description: C:\Users\frazieJ\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\John Presure Washing Air Ducts and Roof 2.jpg

9.    Public Works Updates

Facilities Maintenance:  Carpenters repaired the wall in the registration office of the Richmond Recreation Complex, the pool access door at the Swim Center, installed vent base in the gym of the Recreation Complex, built mechanical access to the equipment room at the Nevin Community Center, refinished the counter at the Disabled Peoples Recreation Center (DPRC), installed electrical access doors in the Recreation Complex conference room.

Description: Description: DPRC CRAFT ROOM COUNTER

DPRC Counter

Painters completed the registration office at the Recreation Complex, the ceiling of the men’s locker room at the Swim Center and power washed the exterior wall of the Nevin Community Center.

Stationary Engineers installed filtered air return grills at Fire Station #66, repaired the water supply at the Police Department, repaired the entrance to the Swim Center, and a furnace at the Corporation Yard.

Utility workers removed old furniture from the Senior Annex Center, cleaned the Transit Center, prepared facilities for His Holiness, the Dali Lama visit and serviced 29 city owned facilities.

Description: Description: 7F80E9CE

Transit Center Cleaning

Electricians started the electrical installations in the new restroom at Booker T. Anderson Park, repaired damaged conduit at Richmond Parkway and Macdonald Avenue, and moved existing electrical at the Nevin Community Center.

Booker T electrician

Electrical Relocation at Nevin Community Center

Parks and Landscaping:  Crews continued with the installation of the new restroom facility at Booker T. Anderson Park, installed sod at Civic Center Plaza, weed abatement at Hilltop Lake Park, planted daffodil bulbs in the Hilltop area, installed posts for a new sign in Point Richmond, continued with the Elm Play Lot renovation and replaced chain link fence fabric.

The tree crew pruned, cut or ground trees around Belding Garcia Park, North Richmond Ball Field, Barrett Avenue, Roosevelt Avenue, 35th Street, Ohio Avenue, Mariposa Street and Atchison Park.

Streets Division:  Crews worked from the outstanding pothole and sidewalk list, performed storm patrol and paved around the new restroom at Booker T. Anderson Park.

Description: Description: DSC01570

Restroom Paving at Booker T. Anderson Park

Street sweeping performed commercial and residential sweeping services for the fourth Monday through Friday in the Santa Fe, Coronado, Marina Bay, Point Richmond, Metro Richmore Village, Pullman, Cortez/Stege, Park Plaza, Laurel Park, City Center, Richmond Annex, Parkview, Panhandle Annex, and Eastshore neighborhood council areas as weather permitted.

Signs and Lines crews repaired 11 signs/poles, fabricated 23 new signs, installed 5 new signs and installed 3 pavement messages.




Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about these or any other items of interest to you.

Bill Lindsay
City Manager
City of Richmond
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, California 94804
(510) 620-6512


You can sign up to receive the City Manager’s weekly report and other information from the City of Richmond by visiting: www.ci.richmond.ca.us/list.aspx


Bill Lindsay
City Manager
City of Richmond
450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, California 94804
(510) 620-6512