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  Soliciting Your Opinion on Recreation Activity Guide
October 1, 2013

Each year the City of Richmond publishes a Recreation Activity Guide that is mailed to Richmond residents twice a year. What I want to hear from people is whether they use this guide.

Activities Guide
The Recreation Department prints two bilingual annual Activity Guides that cover the seasons as follows: Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring.  The Summer/Fall season covers programs for the period June 1 to November 30 and the Winter/Spring season covers programs for the period December 1 to May 31.  To view program information for the 2013 Summer/Fall seasons, click on the below links:

English Summer Fall 2013 Activity Guide
Spanish Summer Fall 2013 Activity Guide


An alternative would be to maintain a searchable database on the City’s website that includes activities run by the Recreation Department as well as other agencies and non-profit, consistent with Resolution 60-97 passed by the City Council in 1997.



WHEREAS, Young people aged 12-24 commit almost half of the non-fatal crimes in California, and this age group also faces the highest risk of non-fatal assault in our society. The African-American homicide rate in California is over nine times that of whites. In a city such as Richmond with a large African-American population, known gang activity involving all ethnic groups, and large areas where poverty is prevalent, these statistics are exacerbated. When asked what they need most to turn their lives around, young people respond that they want more contact with adults as role models and more involvement in productive activities.

WHEREAS, There are numerous productive activities available in Richmond for young people, many of which are operated by volunteers working through non-profit organizations. These include sports and recreational activities, the arts, and specialty education and training. Some well-known examples are:

·         Police Activities League: sports, computer training, etc.
·         East Bay Center for Performing Arts: music and drama
·         Richmond Steelers: football
·         Boy and Girl Scouts: camping, leadership, skills, etc.
·         YMCA: sports, camping, skills, etc.
·         West County Baseball League: baseball
·         Richmond Youth Academy: leadership

There are many that are not so well known, such as:

·         Masquers Theater: drama
·         Richmond Yacht Club: sailing
·         Richmond Rescue Mission: computers, tutoring, teen center

WHEREAS, Numerous other programs are offered by public agencies such as the City of Richmond and the West Contra Costa Unified School District, such as:

·         Richmond Arts Center: painting, drawing, textiles, sculpture, etc.
·         West Contra Costa Unified School District: sports, drama, music
·         Richmond Plunge: swimming
·         City of Richmond Recreation and Cultural Services: soccer, basketball, tennis, excursions, and fitness

WHEREAS, A major problem for both young people and their parents, even for those for whom program cost and transportation is not a problem, is a difficulty in getting accurate, reliable, and timely information about the hundreds of activities available for young people. This is particularly true for non-profits organizations, which change leadership periodically and have no paid staff or permanent office.

The cost of activities, including such things as fees, uniforms, equipment and materials can be an insurmountable obstacle for poor families. Equally daunting can be the need for transportation, especially after dark and for younger children.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Richmond Recreation and Cultural Services Department shall develop, keep current, and operate on the City’s internet Web Site, a Richmond Youth Activities Project which would have the following objectives:

·         Make accurate, reliable, and timely pertinent information about all youth activities in and proximate to the City of Richmond readily available to every parent and young person.
·         Ensure that as broad a range of activities as possible is available to appeal to youth with diverse interests.
·         Facilitate financial assistance, scholarships and transportation resources.
·         Conduct a yearly evaluation of the number of young people living in Richmond, the activities in which they participate, and the rate at which their needs are served.
·         Research the efficiency of various activities, including the per-youth cost of serving youth in various activities where public money is used.

FURTHERMORE, the Richmond Youth Activities Project shall operate as follows:

1.       City staff or a contractor shall be assigned to research and update an information data base about all available activities, including:
·         Description
·         Age groups served
·         Dates and schedules
·         Costs, if any
·         Contact names, addresses, and phone numbers.

2.       The information shall be entered in the Richmond internet Web Site where it would be accessible to all public schools, public libraries, police sub-stations, and any other organization or individual with a computer and modem. Listings would include photos and detailed descriptions.

3.       The data base shall be searchable by age groups, time of year, specific activities, geographic location, etc.

4.       A hard-copy shall be printed periodically for distribution to schools, neighborhood councils, and for pick-up at City Hall. Users could also obtain information via phone calls to a designated City staff person.

5.       Organizations shall be able to update their activities listing by e-mail, fax, or a link to the home page.

6.       Application forms, medical certificates, etc. shall be downloadable from the internet

7.       An annual report shall be made to the City Council

FINALLY, The Richmond Youth Activities Project shall be initiated by June 1, 1997 and fully completed and operations by the end of 1997.

I certify that the foregoing Resolution was passed and adopted by the Members of the City Council of the City of Richmond at a regular meeting held on April 15, 1997, by the following vote:


AYES: Butt, McIntosh, Evans, Marquez, Anderson, Bates, Powers, Griffin and Mayor Corbin


NOES: None






Clerk of the City of Richmond





Approved as to form:


City Attorney




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