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  YES on Eminent Domain - from Richmond's Poet Laureate Janis Mara
September 10, 2013

Tom Butt is a solon
I truly admire
So I turn to you today
To share my heart's desire

Let me be truthful
And let me be plain.
On Tuesday - tomorrow - 
Vote for eminent domain.

It's smart and it's bold
it will help people out
Homeowners in Richmond
Will benefit, no doubt.

I've lived here 13 years
and believe me, I care
For the good of all Richmond
there's no time to spare

Vote yes to buy homes
and rescue their owners
Give the folks a new loan
Let the city be donors

Thanks so much for listening
my councilmember true
If you cast the right vote
Even more people than already think you ROCK will love you!