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  Fun Fall Events Along the Bay Trail!
September 3, 2013

Richmond Bay Trail Network,

Are you thinking about what to do this autumn now that Labor Day weekend is history?  If so, you’ll be amazed by the cornucopia of fun, rewarding activities offered along the Bay Trail on Richmond’s shoreline. For example, on a single 3-day weekend, you may choose to join in the Home Front Festival by the Bay, birding by bicycle or on foot, kayaking to visit Brooks Island and traversing the Shipyard 3 Trail for brunch on the scenic deck of the SS Red Oak Victory.  Check out TRAC’s Richmond Bay Trail Calendar for details on:

  • Biking or hiking the Shipyard 3 Trail to breakfast & mimosas aboard the SS Red Oak Victory’s scenic deck on Sept. 8 & Oct. 13
  • Pitching into Statewide Coastal Cleanup Day at one of three locations along Richmond’s shoreline on Sept. 21
  • Enjoying major festivals on each of the northern and southern shorelines offering a fun run, amphibious Duck rides, music, free BarBQ, etc. on Oct. 5 & 12
  • Birding the flyway on foot and by bike at four locations on Sept. 24 and Oct. 11, 12, 14 & 28
  • Exploring Point Pinole and Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline parks with guided walks on Oct. 6 & 23 and Nov. 9
  • Kayaking to visit Brooks Island Regional Preserve with a naturalist on Sept. 7 & 14 and Oct. 12
  • Restoring Native plants on the first Saturday of each month
  • Plunging into the fourth annual Keller Cove Open Water Swim on Sept. 28

CLICK HERE (http://www.pointrichmond.com/baytrail/calendar.htm) for details on the many varied events featured on the Richmond Bay Trail Calendar.

Not on the calendar, are two Bay Trail openings tomorrow and next week. The renovated Dornan Drive tunnel is scheduled to reopen next week with its light grey carbon fiber reinforced polymer lining restoring the convenient Bay Trail connection with Keller Beach and the rest of Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline. The Big News is opening of the scenic Bay Trail along the new East Span of the Bay Bridge at Noon on Tuesday, September 3.  Check the Bridge Bay Trail Webpage for details and to view an image illustrating this beautiful 15.5’ wide pedestrian and  bicyclist trail. East Bay Bicycle Coalition will lead a ride to this new Bay Trail section leaving West Oakland BART Tuesday promptly at 6:00 PM as detailed on EBBC's website.

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