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  City Manager's Weekly Report for the Two Weeks Ending August 9th, 2013
August 10, 2013

Mayor and City Council:

This is the weekly report for the two weeks ending August 9th, 2013.

  • Meeting Notes


The City Council is on meeting hiatus during the month of August.  The next City Council meeting is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 10th.  In the meantime, enjoy the break and have a great summer.

  • 2013 Community Survey


Every 2 years since 2007, the City of Richmond has conducted a community survey to help city officials evaluate services, measure resident satisfaction and use of current services, benchmark ratings for services provided by the City, and to help plan for Richmond’s future.

In 2013, surveys were mailed out to 3,000 randomly selected and geographically dispersed Richmond households. A total of 408 completed surveys were obtained, providing an overall response rate of 14% with a margin error of plus or minus five percentage points.

2013 Survey Reports
To review the agenda report and PowerPoint presentation, please use the links below:

The 2013 survey results are contained in four separate reports:

Please go to http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/index.aspx?NID=1871 for more information about the 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 surveys.

  • 2013 Community Survey Available to all Richmond Residents to Complete

    If your household was not 1 of the 3,000 households selected to receive the survey, but you would like to provide feedback to the city, then now is your chance. The 2013 Richmond Community Survey can now be completed by ALL Richmond residents by accessing the links below.

    • English: http://www.n-r-c.com/survey/richmond2013survey.htm
    • Spanish: http://www.n-r-c.com/survey/richmond2013encuesta.htm

    Feel free to contact LaShonda Wilson-White in the City Manager’s office at (510) 620-6828 with questions, comments, or to obtain a paper copy of the survey. Your input can help make the City of Richmond a better place to live, work and play. We look forward to receiving your feedback.


  • Code Enforcement Updates

One of the services ranked by residents in the community survey (see the above item) as being extremely important to them was blight abatement.  The following is some information regarding their recent activities, and regarding their excellent staff.

The Abatement Crew at Work

Crews removed trash from the railroad property located next to 355 South 1st Street and conducted emergency board-ups of a breached vacant property, as well as a recently vandalized local business.

Clean-up of railroad property located next to 355 South 1st Street


Trash removed
Emergency board-ups of a breached vacant property

Boards up
Emergency board-ups at a recently vandalized local business

May Employee of the Month: Kolai Faumui, Abatement Crew Construction Assistant

Kolai received this well-deserved recognition for always being a willing helper whether it is sharing an idea, an opinion, or just lending a helping hand.  Kolai is always open to receiving suggestions which makes him a true believer in continuous improvement.  Kolai is a sharing, caring, “can do” type of person who is always willing to take a few minutes to instruct someone less knowledgeable about a subject he enjoys.  Finally, Kolai’s good nature makes him a real asset to the code enforcement family.
Description: C:\Users\evansv\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_0435.jpg
Kolai Faumui

June Employee of the Month: Gloria Zurita-Garcia, Parking Enforcement Representative

Gloria was nominated for being dedicated to her job and consistently leads the Parking Enforcement team in citations issued.  Additionally, when a parking complaint is reported, Gloria is often the first one to respond and takes immediate action to resolve the problem. 

Description: C:\Users\evansv\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\2013-07-31_14-21-38_350.jpg
Gloria Zurita-Garcia

  • Summer Youth Employees


The Payroll Division had the opportunity to have two Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) employees. During the course of their employment they were responsible for filing payroll documents, provided customer service while working the front lobby desk at City Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays for the last two weeks, and also assisted the Revenue Division.
Description: C:\Users\segoviS\AppData\Local\Temp\WPDNSE\{91940000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}\IMG_0362.JPG

We would like to thank DeAdrea and Dea’Jana for their hard work and dedication, and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

  • DeAdrea is a junior at Albany High School.  She has worked with the Richmond Fire Department Youth Academy and as head coach of the cheerleaders at her local high school.  DeAdrea’s goal is to pursue a degree in Nursing after graduating from high school.


  • Dea’Jana is a senior at El Cerrito High School.  She has a natural talent in cosmetology and fashion. She enjoys dancing, cheerleading, and basketball.  Dea’Jana plans to pursue a degree in fashion design and cosmetology after graduating high school. 
  • Recreation Highlights – For the Week Ending August 2, 2013


Disabled Peoples Recreation Center (DPRC): Adult Morning Program and Therapeutic Interactive Recreation Program participants have been engaged in numerous activities during the summer program, such as bowling at Pinole Valley lanes, lunch at Sizzlers, and visiting the Academy of Science, Wildcat Canyon, Crab Cove, and Lafayette Reservoir. Several of the excursions more than met their fitness requirements for their regular weekly activities. It was a fun and busy week that was enjoyed by all.

Emergency boards
Description: C:\Users\frazieJ\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\20130725_121219.jpg
DPRC Participants at Crab Cove

Tennis: The Richmond Tennis Association (RTA) and United States Tennis Association (USTA), in collaboration with the Recreation Department, hosted an Adult Tennis Play Day on Saturday, July 27th.  Steve Leube, USTA Northern California Executive Director, and Cherryl Silva, USTA Tennis Service Representative, were in attendance and representing USTA well.

Courtney Coleman, Recreation Department staff, managed the overall program which ran from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Over 20 attendees, ranging in skills from established USTA team players to tennis 'newbies' were present.   Courtney did a great job blending exercises, instruction and match play so that everyone thoroughly enjoyed their 'day in the sun.'  It was very encouraging seeing new participants at the Play Day experiencing the beautifully refurbished Nicholl Park courts.

This past Sunday, the Adult Tennis Team, the Richmonders, had several exciting matches in several categories of play:

  • 6.0 Mixed: The Richmonders gave their perennial rivals from Oakland/Laney a very competitive match!


    • #1 Doubles: Fely Marriuzza and Saul Carrera jumped off to a quick start, winning the first set, with their superior athleticism and teamwork, 6-1. Laney recovered their composure and turned the tide in the second set, winning 6-2. But Fely and Saul were not to be denied as they regained the momentum and won the third set 6-4. Very well played against a very strong team!
    • #2 Doubles: The day's longest and best played rallies were reserved for this match as the Farchuks (Kathy Farley and Michael Shemchuk (Shem)) went toe to toe with their 'great retrievers' from Laney. Eventually, the match went Laney's way, 6-4, 6-4 but not before Kathy and Shem made a stirring comeback in the second, down 1-4, and coming back to tie it up before Laney prevailed.


    • #3 Doubles: Catherine Trinidad and Andre Taylor had to concede this match after Andre needed to retire from play.
  • 7.0 Mixed: Claremont has a bevy of strong 3.5 and 4.0 players (3 teams!) as the Richmonders found out all too well in its Sunday match. Claremont leveraged their 4.0 men well in each match (the Richmonders don’t have any 4.0 players on the team) and swept the R’s away with the strong Nicholl Courts winds!


    • #1 Doubles: David Lee and Sassi Lamuth took advantage of their experienced team play to keep it close until their 4.0 male opponent dominated the last few games as Claremont won that set, 7-5 and went on to win the second set, 6-1.
    • #2 Doubles: Keith Umezawa and Ann Derosa had some great rallies but couldn't overcome Claremont's towering presence and Claremont won, 6-2, 6-1.


    • #3 Doubles: Ercan Turken and Pepper Moore weren't able to sufficiently capitalize on their lefty/righty alignment and they succumbed to the last of Claremont's 4.0/3.0 mix, 2-6, 2-6.
  • 7.0 Men: The team from El Cerrito did a better job adjusting to the Nicholl Court wind/sun as they won the overall match, 2-1.


    • #1 Doubles: Gary Wong and Hoy Chan had some stirring rallies and retrievals but were unable to overcome their El Cerrito opponents’ steady play as they succumbed, 3-6, 3-6.
    • #2 Doubles: Keith Umezawa and Brian Crowley teamed up well as Keith's net play and Brian's 'scampers' took their toll as they won convincingly, 6-1, 6-4.


    • #3 Doubles: David and Garry Hurlbut weren't able to overcome the superb shot making skills of El Cerrito's Paul Kramer, as Paul and his partner prevailed, 6-3, 6-3.

Although the match scores weren't all the Richmonders hoped for, they noted that contributing to a healthy lifestyle made up for it.

Recreation Highlights – For the Week Ending August 9, 2013

Disabled Peoples Recreation Center:  Adult Morning Program and Therapeutic Interactive Recreation Program participants joined together for another week of summer programs, including a trip to the Bear Valley Visitors Center and hiking the trails that sit right on the San Andreas Fault line. They also spent a day at the Solano Fair Grounds for the “Special Friends Day” event where the special needs population, along with family and friends, are given 2 hours to enjoy free rides and a free lunch. Everyone had a blast.

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Description: C:\Users\frazieJ\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\photo.jpg
Senior Center: The Richmond Senior Center hosted an arrival welcoming celebration in honor of the visitors from City of Richmond’s Sister City, Shimada, Japan.  Six student ambassadors and their teacher were greeted by Councilman Nat Bates, Richmond Shimada Friendship Commission members, host families, the Senior Center’s Karaoke participants, and city staff.  It was a great social event with a presentation from the ambassadors, a hula dance and lei greeting from the centers participants, and lots of food.
Description: C:\Users\frazieJ\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\ONGU4QPL\photo (16).JPG
Description: C:\Users\frazieJ\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\photo.jpg
Kids ‘N Motion Summer Camp: On Thursday, August 1st, the Kid’s ‘N Motion Summer Camp took a field trip to the Antioch Water Park.  Five busses took 200 youth participants to enjoy a day that started with a picnic lunch followed by hours of water play fun.  This is the fourth year the summer program has taken this trip and the children look forward to it every year.

  • Public Works Updates - For the Week Ending August 2nd, 2013


Facilities Maintenance:  Carpenters repaired doors at the Fire Training Center and within the Employment and Training building.

Painters completed painting the exterior of the Booker T. Anderson Community Center.

Stationary Engineers replaced the exhaust fan at Shields Reid Community Center.

Parks and Landscaping Division:  This week crews completed the resurfacing of the Burg Park tennis court, vegetation maintenance at Raincloud Park, and vegetation clean-up near the Creely sitting area. Crews also continued with irrigation and planting work on Esplanade Trail, clean-up in the Point Richmond area, weed abatement along Richmond Parkway, and irrigation repairs at Parchester Park and Fire Station #68.

Tree crews completed trim or cut down work on Cutting Boulevard, Creely Avenue, Moran Avenue and in the Cypress and Ells Paths.

Streets Division:  Crews continued with grinding and paving on Cutting Boulevard.

Description: DSC01240
Paving on Cutting Boulevard

Signs and lines crews fabricated four signs, repaired 29 signs, installed 36 new signs, and painted curbs.

Street sweeping performed commercial and residential sweeping services for the fifth Monday through Wednesday and first Thursday and Friday in May Valley, Vista View and Clinton Hill I neighborhood council areas.

For the Week Ending August 9th, 2013

Facilities Maintenance:  Carpenters repaired water damaged walls at the Kelsey Avenue building and repaired dry rot at the Booker T. Anderson Community Center.

Painters completed painting the exterior of the Booker T. Anderson Community Center and removed graffiti from the Employment and Training building.

Stationary Engineers drilled to place bollards for motorcycle parking, cleared the main waste line at Fire Station #68, reinstalled a water closet at Fire Station #68, and repaired the water closets at the Starlight building and the YMCA Childcare on 33rd Street and Macdonald Avenue.

Electricians installed temporary timing sensors at Harbour Way and Maine Avenue and continued with wire installation along the Richmond Parkway.

Wire Installation along Richmond Parkway

Parks and Landscaping Division:  This week crews provided support for National Night Out events, continued with pathway lighting installation along the Marina Bay Trail, completed the resurfacing of the tennis court at Burg Park, completed the resurfacing of the basketball courts at Lucas Park, completed landscape planting in the triangle along the Marina Bay Trail, installed drip irrigation and mulch in front of Country Club Vista Park, completed installation of backboards on the basketball courts at Hilltop Green Park, completed weed abatement at Hilltop Lake Park, and completed vegetation maintenance along the Richmond Parkway.

Tree crews completed trim or cut down work on Cutting Boulevard, Garvin Avenue, and replaced a vandalized tree at the Solano Play Lot.

Streets Division:  Crews continued with grinding and paving on the main lanes of Cutting Boulevard from South 45th Street to South 49th Street.

Description: DSC01264
Paving on Cutting Boulevard

Signs and lines crews fabricated 41 signs, repaired 13 damaged signs, repaired one knocked down sign, and removed paint from the roadway on Richmond Parkway in front of Chevron.

Description: DSC01249
Graffiti on Richmond Parkway

Street sweeping performed commercial and residential sweeping services for the first Monday through Wednesday and second Thursday and Friday in Parchester Village, Hilltop Bayview, Hilltop Green, Fairmede/Hilltop, Carriage Hills North Side, El Sobrante Hills, Greenbriar, Hansford Heights, Via Verda, San Pablo Dam Road, Bristole Cone, Clinton Hill IV, and East Richmond neighborhood council areas.


Have a great week!


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about these or any other items of interest to you.


You can sign up to receive the City Manager’s weekly report and other information from the City of Richmond by visiting: www.ci.richmond.ca.us/list.aspx


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City Manager
City of Richmond
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