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July 18, 2013

            Hard to believe it’s that time of the year already, but it will soon be National Night Out, which is Tuesday, August 6th, starting at 5 p.m.  The kick-off party is in front of City Hall at the Civic Center Plaza.  The “wrap-up” party is from approximately 8 p.m. on at the same spot.  This year is the 30th anniversary of NNO.  At approximately 6 p.m., the respective caravans for North, Central, and South will head out to the various neighborhood parties in those districts.  Everyone is invited to participate.  For more information, or to register your block party, contact Crime Prevention Manager Michelle Milam at mmilam@richmondpd.net or at (510)620-6538.
            The Department’s new program, “Predictive Policing” (also known as “PredPol”) is now being implemented.  PredPol involves the use of complex algorithms that process crime data over various periods of time to predict where new crimes are more likely to occur.  Our current predictive efforts focus on burglary, car break-ins, and vehicle theft.  Each shift, patrol officers will receive electronic maps that highlight the areas (represented by small boxes roughly the size of a city block) where property crimes have a greater likelihood of taking place.  We are asking our officers to park their cars and walk around these areas several times during their shifts for 10-15 minutes.  The location of the boxes change throughout the day and may vary from shift to shift.  We are excited to be using this new software, which has been key in reducing property crimes in Los Angeles and several other cities.
            The sampling of calls I have included below highlights the challenges our officers face when it comes to dealing with violence, weapons, and difficult people.  As you can see, we are regularly “interrupting” gang activity and a multitude of different crimes.

Chief Chris Magnus


Wednesday, July 17, 2013—Southern District personnel conducted a prostitution abatement operation focused on arresting the men who pick up prostitutes in the area of 2nd St. and Ohio.  The department plans a series of these operations throughout the summer and fall with the goal of both shaming and educating the “johns” who exploit the women (often victims of human trafficking) engaged in this activity.  During this operation, four men were arrested for soliciting undercover police officers.  (The Department works closely with Community Violence Solutions—CVS—to help the women caught up in prostitution activity.)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 8:20 a.m., 19th St. and Nevin Ave.—Two residents were robbed (the perpetrator used a simulated firearm) while walking to the BART station.  The suspects took a gold necklace, white windbreaker, and a pair of Air Jordan slippers; then re-entered a turquoise colored mini-van and fled the scene.  Officer J. Walker conducted the preliminary investigation of this incident.
            At approximately 9:15, Officer Canelo responded to the 600 block of Lincoln Ave. regarding a black male juvenile who had unsuccessfully attempted to break into three vehicles in the area.  The reporting person advised that this juvenile was assisted by a second young person, who was seen driving a dark-colored, late model, Toyota Camry.
            Officer Canelo and Sgt. Abetkov arrived on-scene and observed the two suspects walking away in opposite directions from a Nissan mini-van (later reported stolen).  One of the suspects entered the passenger side of the Toyota Camry (later reported stolen) and the suspects drove SB past the officers on 6th St.  Officer Canelo made a u-turn to catch up with the Camry.  Upon seeing the actions of the officers, the two suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.  Sgt. Abetkov and Officer Canelo apprehended one of the suspects, however, the other suspect eluded capture.  Officer Walker responded to the area and apprehended the second suspect after a brief foot pursuit.  While looking at the suspects, Sgt. Abetkov recognized that they matched the description of suspects from the prior robbery. 
            The suspects were identified via in-field show-up and the toy firearm was located inside the mini-van.  Youth Services detectives were notified and assisted with the investigation.  Post-Miranda warnings, one suspect admitted to committing the robbery.

Monday, July 15, 2013, 11:00 p.m., 23rd and Exchange St.--Officer A. Caine initiated a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle near this intersection. The traffic stop turned into a pursuit, during which time the driver intentionally rammed Officer Caine’s patrol vehicle at San Pablo Avenue/Swans Way in an attempt to evade arrest.  The pursuit continued onto EB I-80.  The suspects discarded three firearms on I-80 near Solano Avenue, then continued EB through Contra Costa County, across the Carquinez Bridge, and into Solano County.  The suspects discarded another firearm, at the Highway 37/Columbus Parkway split, before continuing WB on Highway 37.
            CHP officers set a spike strip on Highway 37, approximately 6 miles east of Sears Point.  The suspect vehicle, which was already being driven on three rims, drove over the spike strip and lost its last tire.  The pursuit ended shortly thereafter.  The suspects refused to exit the disabled vehicle and had to be forcibly removed.  All four suspects were arrested, transported to the Hall of Justice, and booked for a myriad of charges related to the evasion, the assault on Officer Caine, the firearms discarded from their vehicle, and their gang associations.  All three firearms were recovered from the area of I-80/Solano Avenue. 
            Officer Caine’s vehicle suffered moderate damage as a result of the vehicular assault, while Officer Palma’s vehicle suffered a broken windshield from a flying piece of disintegrating rim which came from the suspects’ vehicle during the pursuit.  Officer Gault suffered an injury to his hand as a result of the arrest of the four suspects. 

Monday, July 15, 2013, 11:25 a.m., 12300 block San Pablo Ave.--On July 14th at 10 p.m., Officer M. Vallerga conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a gray Saturn 2-door at Carlson Blvd. and Hartnett Ave. for a seatbelt violation.  He contacted the 25 year-old driver.  When Officer Vallerga gave instructions for the driver to turn off the car, the driver placed it into gear and sped off.
            The vehicle was alter located, unoccupied, in the 900 block of S. 46th St.  In the passenger compartment was the suspect’s medical marijuana paperwork with a photocopy of his commercial driver’s license (CDL) attached.  Officer Vallerga positively identified the 25 year-old driver as the individual pictured on the CDL.  The car was impounded.
            During an inventory search, Officer Vallerga found boxes containing new hydroponic heat/UV lights.  Later in his shift, Officer Vallerga was dispatched to a commercial burglary at the hydroponics store, located at 5327 Jacuzzi St.  Numerous items were stolen from the business.
            On July 15th, at 11:20 a.m., Officer K. Nguyen was dispatched to Car Hop, located at 12300 San Pablo Ave. regarding the suspect from this incident who wished to report his Saturn sedan stolen.  Officer Nguyen recognized the car description, telephoned Officer Vallerga, and verified there was probable cause to arrest the suspect.  Officer Nguyen arrested the suspect for Evading Police.  Due to the commercial burglary and the items found in the suspect’s car, the department’s Property Crime Unit detectives were notified.

Monday, July 15, 2013, 12:15 p.m., S. 37th St./Wall Ave.--Officer J. Whitson was dispatched to a suspicious person complaint in the 100 block of S. 39th St.  He located the suspect at S. 37th/Wall.  While he was speaking with the 29 year-old suspect, the suspect took a fighting stance and refused to present his ID.  As Officer Whitson attempted to convince the suspect to comply with his lawful orders, the suspect became more agitated and it appeared he was going to assault Officer Whitson.
            When Officer J. Cortez arrived to assist, a struggle ensued with the suspect.  The suspect refused to comply with the officers’ lawful orders to submit to arrest until Officer Cortez displayed her Taser at the suspect.  Once he saw the Taser, the suspect submitted to the arrest.
Neither the officers or the suspect were injured during the struggle.  (It should be noted that on many occasions, merely displaying the Taser is enough to gain cooperation.  It does not usually need to be deployed.)  After his arrest it was determined the suspect had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Sacramento, was on active Felony Probation out of Sacramento, and was on active Parole out of Richmond.  The suspect had prior arrests for murder, armed robbery, and multiple additional crimes on his record.  He was transported to the Contra Costa Co. Jail in Martinez.

Monday, July 15, 2013, 2:00 a.m., 200 block of Duboce Ave.--Officer Therriault was patrolling in North Richmond when he noticed an Infiniti Q45 turn onto Duboce Ave. from Fred Jackson Way.  As he passed the location, Officer Therriault conducted an NCIC check (to see if the vehicle was stolen) from his MDC terminal.  The vehicle immediately came back stolen out of Oakland PD.  As Officer Therriault turned around, the 27 year old suspect fled from the vehicle into an address in the 200 block of Duboce.  As additional officers arrived on scene and attempted to establish a perimeter, it was determined that the suspect fled through the residence, out the back door, into the block, and to an unknown location.  Officer Therriault was able to identify the suspect as the sole occupant of the stolen vehicle.  The suspect is still outstanding.  Officer Therriault recovered the stolen vehicle.  The suspect is an active parolee.

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 7:00 p.m., 400 block of S. 16th St.--Officer Hall responded to a call of subjects selling narcotics in this block of 16th St.  The caller advised Dispatch that the first suspect had recently moved into the house and had been selling drugs from the residence since moving in.  The caller witnessed a hand to hand drug transaction and provided a detailed physical description of suspect #1.  Upon Officer Hall’s arrival, both suspects attempted to flee by running through the front door of the residence.  Officer Hall caught suspect #1 as he attempted to close the front door outer security gate.  Both suspects were arrested inside the residence.
            The 35 year-old suspect was in possession of cocaine, 11 individually packaged 1”x1” zip lock baggies of Marijuana, and eight Schedule 4 pills.  The 41 year-old suspect is on active Federal Probation for firearm offenses.  He had 20 OxyContin pills and other prescription pills not prescribed to him.  Both suspects were transported to the RPD Jail.

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 11:30 a.m., 800 block of Chesley--Officers responded to an address in this block on the report of two suspects who were knocking on the victim’s door. The suspects knocked and rang the victim’s doorbell for approximately two minutes. The victim was home alone in an upstairs bedroom.  Both suspects walked away from the residence, but quickly returned and were out of the victim’s view.  The victim could hear breaking glass from downstairs, so he called the police.
Officers set up a perimeter around the location and approached the residence. Officer M. Brown caught the 21 year-old suspect reaching through a broken window, attempting to open the window.  The second suspect (23 years old) fled through the block and was captured in the 800 block of Gertrude Ave.  Both suspects were positively identified by the victim.  Both suspects were arrested and booked into the Richmond PD Jail.  CSI Officer K. Tong processed the evidence work and Officer Brown authored the report.

Sunday, July 14, 2013, 12:50 a.m., 600 block of 33rd St.--Officers responded to an address in this block regarding a physical fight in progress.  Upon arrival, Officers located a 24 year-old male and his brother in a physical altercation in front of the residence.  As the parties were separated, the suspect fled into the residence and soon emerged from the side of the residence in a continued agitated and threatening manner.
            Sergeant Lonso and Officer Davis confronted the suspect and had to physically restrain him to detain him.  The suspect was placed on a 5150 W&I hold (mental evaluation) after the officers learned he had not been taking his prescribed psychiatric medications.
            The suspect has severe psychiatric issues and RPD Dispatch has placed a “hazard flag” on his residence for future calls for service.  Officer Davis suffered a strained neck and Sergeant Lonso sustained an abrasion on his knee during the altercation. 

Saturday, June 13, 2013, 8:00 p.m., 29th St. and Andrade Ave.--Officers Moody, Nath, and Radetich were working a directed enforcement detail due to a surge of robberies and residential burglaries in the Northern District.  Officer Nath initiated a traffic enforcement stop on a suspicious vehicle with three occupants at the intersection of 29th St. and Andrade Ave.
            Suspect #1, the driver, immediately pulled to the right side of 29th St., but the front and rear seat passengers foot-bailed from the car.  Suspect #1 then drove away from the area.  Suspects #2 and #3 were both holding their front waist bands as they fled on foot in different directions. 
            Officer Nath pursued suspect #2 on foot and detained him after a brief struggle.  During the struggle, a 9mm pistol fell from the suspect’s front waist band.  (It was later determined that the pistol in the suspect’s possession was stolen two years ago during a residential burglary from the City of Suisun.)  This suspect has a past felony record. 
            Sergeants Pomeroy and Lonso led members of teams 5 and 6 on an extensive search for suspect #3.  A canine from San Pablo PD was also utilized to assist with the search.  The search  met with negative findings.  Officer Nath authored the preliminary police report.

Friday, July 12, 2:30 p.m., 600 block of 8th St.--Officers responded to the 600 block of Barrett Ave. for a report of a man with a gun.  Officers spoke to the victim, who told them that she was threatened with a gun.  The victim said she has had problems with the 28 year-old suspect in the past.  On today’s date, at  approximately 1430 hours, the victim started arguing with the suspect over some trash.  The suspect went back into his apartment and came back out holding a long rifle.  The suspect told the victim he was “tired of her nasty ass” and that she needed to clean up the garbage.  As officers arrived, the suspect ran back into his apartment and locked the door.
Officer Graham observed the suspect running back into his apartment with the firearm. A perimeter was set up and officers attempted to persuade the suspect to exit his apartment. The suspect refused to come back outside.  Sergeant Ellis spoke to a neighbor whom was able to make contact with the suspect via cell phone. Sergeant Ellis was finally able to coax the suspect into coming back outside, where he was arrested without incident.
A protective sweep of the apartment was conducted and the loaded firearm was found leaning up against the refrigerator.  The firearm was seized and booked into RPD’s Evidence Room.  The suspect was transported and booked into the Richmond PD Jail.  Officer D. Graham authored the report.