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  WCCUSD Adds Funding for Richmond Police Resource Officers in Schools
June 27, 2013

Using new funds provided in the FY 2103-2014 state  budget, WCCUSD will pick up the cost, previously borne by the City of Richmond, for two Resource Officers, including adding one additional officer. This is a win-win for the City and WCCUSD, which collaborate on a creative and unique truancy program (See http://richmondconfidential.org/2010/10/20/tracking-truants-on-richmonds-streets/). This will help close Richmond’s remaining small budget gap.

The following was provided from WCCUSD bioard member Charles Ramsey:

A big THANK YOU to all of you for supporting the addition of two School Resource Officers to Richmond Schools.  City Manager Bill Lindsey made a compelling argument to the duly elected school board and I appreciated the kind words from Council member Jim Rogers.  What was even better is that the board accepted my motion to have the funds specifically identified as a line item expense.

So it with great pleasure to announce that the board voted unanimously to have the following

Two sworn Richmond Police Officer included in our funding for this coming school year and that one of those two officers will be deployed at LaVonya DeJean Middle School in Richmond and that we would authorize funding up to $450,000 on an annual basis starting this year.

What this means is that we know fund eight fully sworn officers rather than six.  

Finally, I am looking at the budget to see if we can purchase updated equipment and possibly police cars with other funds that I found, one time money,  in the bond budget.

Thanks again for taking an emergency resolution vote. It made a difference and thanks again for Jael Myricks, Bill Lindsey, the officers who came to support the request and Jim Rogers.

Good job by all and THANKS AGAIN for the great partnership.  I am glad that we are now able to return the favor.

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board Clerk
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

City Manager Bill Lindsay wrote:


Thanks for the email, and thanks for your work in adding the additional school resource officers to the District budget.  It will make a big difference for us financially, and in making the schools a safe place in which to learn.  I was very pleased with the unanimous vote of the Board.

I don't view this as the District "returning a favor."  You are already returning the favor by working to provide great schools in Richmond and in West County.

Thanks again.

Bill Lindsay


Bill Lindsay
City Manager
City of Richmond