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Baykeeper Marine Debris Cleanup - Work Day No. Two - Pt. Molate Beach Park -May 11, 2013
May 6, 2013



Point Molate Beach Lovers !!!

Thanks again to all those who came out for the April 20, 2013 Baykeeper marine debris cleanup work day.  Much was accomplished, and the marine debris to be removed from the beach at Pt. Molate has been staged into four key locations, and supportive treads with an overlay of graded sand was created as a ramp to support getting a bobcat down to the beach.

There has been great progress made in getting the beach park ready to open.  The City of Richmond Dept. of Public Works has completed the process of grinding/grading the beach park parking lot and resurfacing.  The parking lot will now be striped for indication of parking stalls and ADA parking locations. Vegetation within the park has also been improved, with removal of some clusters of non-native species, pruning of trees and hedging to improve visibility and plant health, and removal of poison oak. New picnic benches and BBQ stations will be installed shortly.  

Baykeeper is organizing a follow up work day at Point Molate Beach Park on Saturday May 11th to consolidate the staging areas, prep the site for more intensive final removal operations, and sort clean driftwood, and clean structural timber from the debris to be removed.  The clean driftwood and structural timbers can be recycled into fencing, railing, benches, treads, and art objects for future use at Pt. Molate Beach Park. You can help with this effort to get ready for the final haulout.  Baykeeper is seeking for this second Work Day, around 10 people who can lift at least 40 pounds and anyone who can come with a truck or 4WD SUV with a winch and/or a tow hitch, or a quad ATV would be very helpful. Download the attached Save the Date as a reminder!

When: May 11, 2013 from 9 to 1 pm
Where: Point Molate Beach Park, Western Drive, Richmond, CA
Details: Wear work clothes. Protective gear, gloves, water and snacks will be provided. Participants must sign a waiver from the City of Richmond and Baykeeper, and a safety plan shall be provided, along with first aid equipment. A roster of participants must be provided to the City prior to the event, so please RSVP in advance.
Contact & RSVP Info.: Ian Wren, Staff Scientist at San Francisco Baykeeper, 415-810-6956 x.108 (office), 415-810-6956 (cell), ian@baykeeper.org

We look forward to seeing you!

Kind regards,
Joan Garrett, Citizens for a Sustainable Pt. Molate