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  Barnidge Rosie Bashing Was a Joke
May 1, 2013

I received the following from Tom Barnidge today:


I thought I made it fairly obvious that my reference to Rosie the Riveter park was a sarcastic joke.

I don't believe it is a lavish expense any more than I believe the Eugene O'Neill and John Muir historic sites are responsible for our national deficit.

What I believe is that cutting funding to national parks -- which are a miniscule part of federal expenses -- shows the idiocy of across-the-board sequester cuts and the scope of Congressional dysfunction.

I didn't realize that irony was a foreign language in Richmond.


Tom Barnidge

p.s. I was pleased to see that Felix Hunziker, Don Gosney and few other of your constituents understood what I was saying. 

Tom Barnidge
Bay Area News Group-East Bay
Contra Costa Times


I replied:

Thanks. I finally figured that out. It was a little too subtle for me. We in West County are so used to seeing ourselves pitted against the rest of the County and bashed (remember the call center issue?) that I first thought you were saying something like:

“John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez and Eugene O'Neil National Historic Site are being decimated for no good reason, but over in Richmond Rosie the Riveter is doing quite well.”

Anyway, you are hearing from a lot of Rosie defenders who apparently don’t get irony either.

Oh well.