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  Technical Correction to 4/14 E-Forum "Welcome to the New Richmond City Council"
April 29, 2013

In “Welcome to the New Richmond City Council,” on April 24, I stated “The new Council majority appears to be Bates, Booze, Myrick and Rogers, a foursome that debuted their new style last night by letting Booze run amok, killing a street safety project and pandering to people who had lost loved ones in shootings. Welcome to the new Richmond City Council.
Jael Myrick pointed out to me the following:

It is not accurate to say that either Rogers or myself participated in "killing a street safety project."  If you look back at the minutes or the tape from Tuesday night you will see that both Councilmember Rogers and myself voted YES on that project, in fact I seconded the Mayor's motion to approve it.  The reason the project failed was because there was not a 4th vote in the room.   

To reiterate, the vote on the pedestrian lanes for San Pablo Ave. were (McLaughlin, Myrick & Rogers-Yes)(Bates & Booze-No) and (Butt & Beckles- Absent).  Had either you or Councilmember Beckles been in the room that item would have passed. 

I understand your frustration with my vote on the gun item, and I respect your right to publicly criticize it, but I hope you will correct the record for you e-forum readers as it relates to the pedestrian lane so that people do not think that I or Councilmember Rogers "Killed" something that we in fact voted in FAVOR of.

I thanked Councilmember Myrick and noted that if he and Rogers had not allowed Corky Booze to hijack the meeting, Jovanka and I would have been there along with our votes.

It takes more than a random vote to make a City Council work. You have to support the parliamentary process, and you have to respect the mayor’s authority to chair a meeting. Even though Myrick and Rogers voted for the measure, they still have political blood on their hands for its defeat.