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  Nine Marin Cities & Towns Recognized Nationally by EPA as Green Power Communities
April 22, 2013


Marin County, CA — Nine communities across Marin County recently qualified for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national “Green Power Community” recognition due to the Countywide switch to MCE’s 50-100% renewable electric service.

EPA Green Power Communities are towns and cities in which the local government, residents, and businesses collectively purchase renewable energy in amounts that exceed EPA’s green power purchase requirements. Green power purchase requirements vary based on a community’s annual electricity usage and range from 3-20%.

Cities and towns which have elected MCE’s renewable energy service have immediately earned a position on the top of the EPA’s National ‘Green Power Community Challenge’ ranking, based on the green power percentage of total electricity use by local government, businesses, and residents. Corte Madera ranked first among all California cities coming in sixth on the list with Larkspur, Fairfax, Mill Valley, and San Anselmo following and making the nation’s top 10 Green Power Communities. San Rafael, Ross, Tiburon, and Belvedere are among the top 15!

“Green Power Communities are making headlines across the country. Corte Madera is honored to rank among the top local governments with our community’s commitment to a clean energy future by purchasing green, renewable power,” said Alexandra Cock, Corte Madera Council Member and Marin Energy Authority Board Member.

EPA also ranks community’s based on their collective green power usage amount, rather than percentage. San Rafael ranks 11th on this list placing them just above Palo Alto and below Santa Clara, as the top 3 California cities. All listed Marin communities rank among the top 50 cities by total green power usage.

The EPA Green Power Community Challenge continues through September 2013, at which point final green power usage is reported. Communities can continue to rise and shift within the rankings through their participation with MCE’s service. Green Power percentages vary based on the proportion of Deep Green, Light Green, and PG&E-only customers within each city. Deep Green 100% renewable energy service is the best way to immediately increase Green Power usage in a community.


About MCE: MCE is a public, not-for-profit electricity provider that gives customers the choice of having 50% to 100% of their electricity supplied from clean, renewable sources such as solar, wind, bioenergy, and hydroelectric at competitive rates. By choosing MCE, customers help support new in-state and local renewable energy generation. For more information about MCE, visit www.mceCleanEnergy.com or call 1 (888) 632-3674.