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  Nat Bates Responds to Climate Action Plan Vote Criticism
March 25, 2013

Nat Bates provided the following:

Below is my response to a couple of constituents who took issue with Councilman Tom Butt's position on climate control. Their comments are in red.

Thanks Mr. &  Mrs. ____ for your support.

I understand your frustrations and very much appreciate your support and points of view. With respect to my colleague Councilman Tom Butt who frequently as an elites think he is the only person on this earth who think intelligently and always knows what is best for the world, what a pompous ass as he attempt to interpret my votes and the reason thereof.

I generally try to avoid responding to individuals who have strong positions of which I do not share with completely. It's like arguing who is the best Super Bowl team ever, 49ers, Giants, Dolphins, Raiders, etc. Usually, the more one argue, the more each dig in and support their position.

This latest headline of "Bates and Booze oppose Climate Action Plan" is yet another opportunity by Mr. Butt to attempt to discredit the two of us personally.  Those of you who participate in organizations, be it government, church, business, etc. know that when voting as a group, there are three basic votes. You can either vote yes, no or abstain. Mr. Butt knows very well that a vote to abstain is not necessarily a vote against the motion but is used for various reasons such as being unclear of the subject matter or the motion or unready to vote, requesting additional information, etc. In addition, city staff were never involved in the climate action plan as this item was prepared behind closed doors and driven by RPA and Mr. Butt which in and of itself requires scrutiny. For your information, below were my primary concerns.

When government attempts to place laws and regulations that affect others, the least they can do is include those businesses, organizations and individuals that will be directly affected an opportunity to be included in the decision making process. This city council dominated by the RPA and know it all Mr. Butt frequently prepare, discuss among themselves and place items on the agenda on a Friday afternoon for action the following Tuesday night council meeting. To them, their idea of democracy is to provide individuals three minutes at a council meeting on Tuesday night to express their points of view while the majority of the council already have their minds made up. Most recently you witness this same type of manipulation, charades and power play in the recent appointment of Mr. Jael Myrick where the council spent hours interviewing candidates only to recognize at the eleventh hour, the fix was in. 

Please observe one of our council meetings and notice what councilmembers actually pay attention to the speakers and how soon after the speakers conclude, either Mayor McLaughlin or Mr. Butt makes a motion. I have never been a member of a council or any organization in which the mayor or chairperson dominate in the making of motions for action items. However, it is obvious that when either of the two of them put forward a motion, Ms. Beckles automatic supports without reservations. 

Controversial items like Climate Control, Marin Energy, Forty Million dollars bike lanes and other major projects should mandate the opportunity for the community to participate. What is wrong with an informal presentation and a full discussion where there is a opportunity for a consensus by the community rather than only the RPA, Mayor McLaughlin and Mr. Butt. Furthermore, where is it written elected officials are the only ones capable of arriving at intelligent decisions that affect the community at large? Oftentimes, we will not necessarily reach a unanimous decision but at least many of our citizens will have had their voices heard and usually will accept the decision of the majority and that is what I refer to as DEMOCRACY. It is a sad commentary when RPA and Mr. Butt do not recognize the difference between a dictatorship and the democratic process.

Nat Bates
City Councilman

On Mar 21, 2013, at 8:40 AM, Mr. & Mrs ___ wrote:
Councilmen Bates & Booze,
Good for you!  This whole climate action change program is HOGWASH, pure and simple and siphons away much needed funds from
infrastructure improvement.

The whole idea that man caused global warming is causing havoc is nothing more than a way for elites and their "green" sock puppets
to grab more power and money.

The God I worship didn't design an atmosphere that could be easily changed.  He controls our atmosphere and it's constituents.
Every human breathes out carbon dioxide with each breath.  I'm waiting for them to openly state that population control has to be
instituted to "stop global warming."