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  GreenScreen Video - "A Day of Service MLK Jr Day 2013 on the Richmond, CA Greenway"
March 2, 2013

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GreenScreenYM has shared a video with you on YouTube

The Green Screen Youth Media crew documents the on-going work on the Richmond Greenway, including Martin Luther King Jr Day 2013, organized by Urban Tilth and sponsored by many local non-profits, with more than 500 volunteers participating on this... more

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A Day of Service MLK Jr Day 2013 on the Richmond, CA Greenway

by GreenScreenYM

More than 500 Richmond Friends of the Greenway gathered to celebrate MLK Jr Day 2013 as a day of service in Richmond, CA. Organized by The Friends of the Richmond Greenway, many local non-profit organizations, businesses, families and friends joined together to plant fruit trees, vegetables and flowers, paint murals, create mosaics and bring new vigor to the former railroad tracks turned community parkway.
Video created by Richmond-based Green Screen Youth Media.

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