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  It Will Take an Incredibly Gifted Lawyer...
February 28, 2013

By Tom Barnidge Contra Costa Time Columnist
Posted:   02/27/2013 05:08:53 PM PST
Updated:   02/27/2013 05:38:14 PM PST

It's said if you live long enough you'll get to see everything. Finding Richmond council members Tom Butt and Corky Booze on the same side of an issue proves the point. It's like learning the Obamas and the Boehners went halves on a house boat.
The councilmen recently were named in a lawsuit by A&D Tow that alleges they worked to exclude the towing company from city contracts. It will take an incredibly gifted lawyer to prove that Butt and Booze have ever worked toward the same goal on any occasion.