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  The February 19, 2013, Regular Richmond City Council Agenda/Packet is on the Web
February 17, 2013

The February 19, 2013, Regular Richmond City Council Agenda/Packet is on the web.  Follow the link below to view: http://sireweb.ci.richmond.ca.us/sirepub/meet.aspx.

J-2:      APPROVE a second contract amendment with V.W. Housen & Associates in the amount of $100,000, for a total amount of $199,750, for the evaluation and technical review of the City's wastewater operations and capital improvement projects (as contracted by Veolia Water North America), and for technical review of the wastewater alternatives analysis currently being prepared by the East Bay Municipal Utility District Feasibility Study.  The term of the contract is through June 30, 2014 - Engineering Services Department (Alan Wolken/Mary Phelps 621-1269).

J-16:    RECEIVE the monthly report on the Richmond Municipal Sewer District for January 2013 - Councilmember Butt (236-7435). The report submitted with this item includes the following: “Wastewater Flow Study - EBMUD. Since August 2012, City and EBMUD staff have been evaluating the potential to convey the City’s wastewater flows to EBMUD for treatment and discharge. EBMUD has a contract with the City to complete this analysis. After extensive hydraulic studies, EBMUD has concluded that it does not have the capacity to receive the City’s wet weather flows. The reasons for this are complex, and EBMUD staff are finalizing a Technical Memorandum that summarizes the work meeting, after the Memorandum is received and accepted by City staff.  As a follow up to this study, City staff are negotiating with West County Wastewater District staff to develop a plan that assigns a portion of the existing land lease fees (for use of the WCWD sludge drying beds) toward a parallel study that will refine costs and evaluate in more detail the opportunity to convey flows to the WCWD treatment plant for treatment. This option was tabled until the results of the EBMUD were known. Now that the EBMUD option does not appear viable, it would be prudent to complete the evaluation of the WCWD option. If negotiations are successful, City staff will bring a contract for this parallel study to the Council for action at a future meeting.”
K-1:     CONDUCT a public hearing to consider an appeal by William Randolph III, of the Planning Commission's denial of a project to subdivide the site, 5801 Knobcone Court, into four residential lots with one remainder parcel - Planning and Building Services Department (Richard Mitchell 620-6706).
M-1:     INTRODUCE an ordinance (first reading) amending Chapter 6.38 of the Richmond Municipal Code requiring the registration of vacant buildings in the City - Police Department and City Attorney's Office (Chief Magnus 621-1802).  This item was continued from the January 15, 2013, meeting.