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  Richmond Swim Center Rehabilitation to be Awarded $5.2 Million by WCCUSD
February 13, 2013

As a part of a partnership between the City of Richmond and the WCCUSD, the WCCUSD Facilities Committee headed by Charles Ramsey is recommending a $5.2 appropriation to fund a major rehabilitation of the Richmond Swim Center located adjacent to Kennedy High School in Richmond’s “Southside.”

The Richmond Swim center opened in 1998 and has suffered damage due to undersized ventilation equipment and moisture impacts on the roof structure. The rehabilitation will address these issues as well as upgrading ADA access, upgrading lighting, providing a waterslide, making site improvement, providing a new roof for the bathhouse and renovating the outdoor pool.

The recommendation will go to the full WCCUSD Board on March 5, and is expected to be approved.

The City of Richmond and WCCUSD are involved in a partnership that includes facility sharing, capital project funding and operations. The City of Richmond has provided operational funding for the last several years to keep three Richmond neighborhood schools open that would otherwise have been closed due to low attendance.

An example of facility sharing includes not only the Richmond Swim Center but other facilities. When the Nystrom Community Center was demolished because of extensive water damage and substandard construction, the new Nystrom Multi-Purpose Building adjacent to the former community center picked up some of  the slack by providing a state of the art auditorium, meeting rooms, and a community events kitchen for the use of the community. Adjacent to Nystrom, the Maritime Center provides space for community meetings under the auspices of the Richmond Community Foundation. Just a few blocks away from Nystrom, the replacement school for Leadership and Gompers will provide a state of the art gymnasium for the community.