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  Applications for Council Appointments
January 31, 2013

When the application deadline closed at 5:00 PM today, twelve aspiring councilmembers had filed. Included were two former councilmembers (John Marquez and Tony Thurmond), six former candidates (Eduardo Martinez, Mike Ali-Kinney, Mark Wassberg, Eleanor Thompson, Bea Roberson and Jael Myrick).

It appears that Jim Rogers may hold the hole card that will result in an appointment or an election.

The gorilla in the room, Chevron, wants an election and has already been laying the groundwork for it with a massive petition drive and polling. Here is one report about the petition drive:

Last night ________ and I were standing in the park when a man and woman approached us asking to sign a petition demanding the city hold an election for Bell's seat.______ said we didn't agree because it would cost $200K. This guy started a rant about how we were socialists and that the government had lots of money to spend on social programs etc. We asked him where he was from and he Oakland. I asked him who hired him and he said it was none of our business. We said we wouldn't sign his petition, that we were left wing and he went off down the street ranting about Obama and drones and war and kept ranting until we couldn't hear him anymore. Then Margaret Jordan happened to come by and we told her what had just transpired. She said these petitioners were all over the city. Two days ago I submitted to two, tedious on line surveys on what I was told was an upcoming election.

Why anyone in his or her right mind would want to serve on the City Council is beyond me. I admit to being crazy. The job doesn’t pay much, demands long hours and subjects you to substantial abuse.

Following are the applications:

Tom Butt

Candidate Qualifications M Wassberg

Eleanor Thompson


Tony Thurmond

Kathleen Sullivan

Bea Roberson

Vinay Pimple


Jael Myrick


John Marquez

Eduardo Martinez

Don Gosney

Stann Cortez

Mike Ali-Kinney