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  MCE Receives 2012 CCBJ Business Achievement Award
January 31, 2013

Climate Change Business Journal Recognizes Firms for Growth and Innovation

SAN RAFAEL, CA — Climate Change Business Journal® (CCBJ), a business research publication which provides high value strategic business intelligence to the climate change industry, has honored 34 companies for business achievement in revenue growth, smart grid & energy management, low carbon & renewable power, energy efficiency innovation, renewable energy integration, climate change adaptation projects, NGO activity, and more.

MCE is pleased to announce that it was chosen to receive the 2012 Climate Change Business Journal® award for Project Merit: Solar Power, in honor of its local Feed-In Tariff program that is spurring investment in distributed solar and other renewable projects.

MCE’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program is designed to accelerate renewable energy development and provide an immediate opportunity to anyone interested in developing a local energy project.  The FIT program allows owners of small-scale renewable energy projects up to 1 megawatt in size, located in MCE’s service area, to become wholesale generation suppliers to MCE by entering into a 20-year power purchase agreement with MCE. Through the FIT program, MCE will purchase 100% of the electricity generated by an eligible project.

In October 2012, MCE’s first FIT project began producing power at the San Rafael Airport. Nearly 5000 solar panels mounted on 48 existing aircraft hangar rooftops are providing enough energy to power 280 homes for an entire year and up to 1,200 homes during peak energy production, making it the largest solar system in Marin County.

The FIT program is one of the best in the State, and it was recently expanded to five times its original size, allowing for 10 megawatts of local generation.

“In an industry that has just managed to out-perform the overall economy but still presents challenges in many segments, a number of companies have achieved double-digit growth, sustained high profitability, built solid backlog, made successful forays into new practice areas or geographic markets, or developed technologies that can help build a more sustainable economy,” said Grant Ferrier, president of Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI, San Diego), publisher of CCBJ.