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  Report Paid For By Chevron - Business is Key to Improving Contra Costa Economy
January 10, 2013

This has some interesting stuff in it, but if you read it carefully, it has Chevron’s fingerprints all over it. It is full of buzz words like “pro-business environment,” “benefits of established industries,” “ripple effects” [of established industries] and “work with industry stakeholders.” It neglected to say that a good way to keep jobs in Contra Costa would be for Chevron to not move 800 jobs to Texas.

Here is the press release:

State of Energy - Business is Key to Improving Contra Costa Economy

Sustained and diversified economic growth is a fundamental building block of California's future. Economic growth starts at the local level, and in Contra Costa County the growth opportunities are significant, according to a new report by the Milken Institute, an independent and respected economic think tank.

The report was commissioned by the Contra Costa Economic Partnership and funded by Chevron, which operates a world-class refinery and maintains its corporate headquarters in Contra Costa County. The study, Contra Costa County: A Blueprint for Growth, offers a broad array of pathways for business, government and nonprofit leaders to build a more vibrant, balanced, and sustainable economy.

To accelerate the diversification of Contra Costa's economy, the report recommends three main objectives:

  • Build on existing industry strengths by capitalizing on potential synergies.
  • Leverage under-utilized resources, including a technically skilled workforce, abundant land and cheaper rents than neighboring counties, to build a location advantage.
  • Increase coordination among local governments and agencies, working closely with the private sector to tackle issues.

"Contra Costa County has an impressive mix of resources, not only in terms of business, but also in terms of human capital, infrastructure, and even significant regional initiatives," said Kevin Klowden, director of the Milken Institute's California Center and one of the authors of the report. "If county leaders can better coordinate their efforts and retain more of the skilled workers who call the county home, the benefits could be tremendous."

This study received financial support from Chevron, as a part of our commitment to economic growth and job creation in the communities where we operate.
Don't miss the opportunity to hear from key leaders on next steps toward growth in Contra Costa County. Join us at the Commonwealth Club in Lafayette on Jan. 15 to hear from key leaders on the next steps being taken to incorporate these findings.

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