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  December 18, 2012, Regular City Council Agenda/Packet
December 15, 2012

The December 18, 2012, Regular Richmond City Council Agenda/Packet is on the web.  This is the last meeting of 2012. Follow the link http://sireweb.ci.richmond.ca.us/sirepub/meet.aspx to view.

Items of particular interest include:

    • I-21. APPROVE the following appointments and re-appointments: Planning Commission: Marilyn Langlois, new appointment, term expiring December 11, 2014; Roberto Reyes, incumbent, term expiring June 30, 2104; Historic Preservation Commission: Paul Scolari, new appointment, term expiring December 18, 2014; Recreation and Parks Commission: Pardip Saini, new appointment, term expiring December 18, 2015. Look for Bates and Booze to oppose some appointments.
    • I-22. ACCEPT a report from City staff on the status of the Richmond Municipal Identification/Stored Value Card Program - City Manager's Office (Bill Lindsay 620-6512).
    • L-1. INTRODUCE an ordinance amending Richmond Municipal Code Chapter 6.43 (Industrial Safety) to improve industrial safety and update and clarify other sections of Chapter 6.43 - Planning and Building Services Department (Richard Mitchell 620-6706). These amendments will align Richmond with Contra Costa county, which adopted them previously.
    • M-1. RECEIVE a staff presentation regarding the update of the Housing Element of the City of Richmond General Plan and provide comment (The City Council may not adopt the Housing Element until after the statutory comment period has concluded on January 1, 2013) - Planning and Building Services Department (Richard Mitchell 620-6706). Amendments proposed by ACCE and recommended by the Planning Commission include rent control and other controversial issues. This is just a study session – no vote will be taken.