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  Committee Spends More Than $1.1 Million on Richmond City Council Race
October 26, 2012

Committee spends more than $1.1 million on Richmond City Council race

By Stephen HobbsPosted 50 minutes ago
Campaign filings sent to the City Clerk Friday show that the mainly Chevron-funded Moving Forward committee has now spent more than $1.1 million dollars in support of and in opposition to five City Council candidates.
The most recent filings show that the committee has spent more than $300,000 in independent expenditures on campaign mailings in support of City Council candidates Nat Bates, Gary Bell and Bea Roberson.
Additionally, the committee has also spent nearly $200,000 in independent expenditures of campaign literature in opposition to Richmond Progressive Alliance candidates Eduardo Martinez and Marilyn Langlois.
Monitary tableMoving Forward
The filings also show that Moving Forward gave $100,000 to the Reform California Now Independent Expenditure Committee, which according to a recent article from the Sacramento Bee, supports Republican candidates for the State Senate.
Moving Forward, which is listed as a coalition of labor unions, small businesses, public safety and firefighters associations, has received $1.2 million in monetary contributions from Chevron since it was formed in July.
The most recent filings also show that three organizations gave monetary contributions to the committee between Oct. 1-Oct. 20.
Peter A. Hass, A Professional Corporation gave $100 in support of the committee. The Richmond Police Officers Association and the Association of Firefighters union gave $1,000 each to the committee.