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  Riggers Loft Rehabilitation Project Contract Authorized by City Council
August 1, 2012

After weeks of contentious debate characterized by vehement objections by Bates and Booze and their gallery, the contract to rehabilitate the Riggers Loft quietly passed through the City Council on the consent calendar last night without a whimper of protest from anyone.

See Riggers Loft - Shell Rehab and Port Operations Center Out to Bid, June 26, 2012, and Richmond Council Moves Port Security Project to New Location, June 7, 2012.

A contract not to exceed $3,008,566 was authorized with Alten Construction, Inc., which happened to also be the low bidder for the Security and Operations Center when it was to be located on Harbour Way. The Security and Operations Center will now be located in the Riggers Loft, along with some 20,000 square feet of leasable space. To see the agenda item in its entirety, click on the following: J-7. APPROVE a grant-funded construction contract with Alten Construction, Inc. (Alten) of Richmond, the lowest responsive bidder, for labor and materials per the plans and specifications for the construction and remodel of the Port's Riggers Loft/Operations and Security Center at Point Potrero Marine Terminal  Project in an amount not to exceed $3,008,566 - Port Department (Jim Matzorkis 215-4600).

Construction should be underway by the end of August.