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  CORRECTION: Campaign Update July 9, 2012
July 9, 2012

Thank you those who pointed out that Tony Thurman is a WCCUSD Trustee, not a City Council member. Just checking if you were paying attention.

I want to thank those of you who have responded to my campaign updates by sending encouragement, donations and endorsements. To donate and/or volunteer, see http://tombutt.com/contribute.htm. Some of the encouraging responses are shown below.

  • Your e-mails are my prime source of information about Richmond's civic affairs. Also, I greatly enjoy your sharing various aspects and experiences from your personal life. I look forward to your continued presence on the council.
  • You have my support!  I am so grateful to you for all of the work that you are doing to make Richmond strong and safe.  
  • I deeply appreciate your commitment to transparency in government as well as your considered positions on the issues. Thank you for continuing to ‘go to bat’ for our community.
  • I'm so pleased that seeking reelection, Tom, and that you're remaining on the council.  You're much needed there.  I often wonder why anyone would want to, but if you really care about the political process and believe you can make a difference,
  • One very positive aspect about your activities is all the e-mail info - VERY important & appreciated.
  • Thanks for giving so much of your time to help make Richmond better!
  • Tom Butt, to my present state of mind, you are the top o' the heap; i.e., you must be reelected!
  • You have my full support!  I am so thankful that you are there, and that you are running again.  We need your wise and reasoned voice!
  • Of course, you have my continuing support - you shed light on important issues that others often try to hide.  I applaud your efforts to bring more environmentally-conscious jobs to Richmond and your forward-looking views on the issues, always thinking ahead to the future generations of Richmond by preserving our historic past.  I only wish I could vote for you again, but can't as I'm no longer a Richmond resident.  I will continue to ask my Richmond friends to support your retention of your seat on the Richmond City Council.
  • Tom: you can definitely count on my support; I am very impressed with and appreciative of all you do for  Richmond.
  • I feel very fortunate you continue to serve our community.
  • Tom, you've got my vote. I enjoy your emails, and you seem to be generally aligned with the issues that I feel make Richmond a better place to live. Crime and safety, environment, attracting good quality jobs, and generally running the city more professionally.
  • Thanks for all you've done and continue to do for our city.  
  • You can absolutely count on my support. Thank you for your in depth e-mails and your tireless energy for promoting Richmond
  • You can count on my support.  We have lived here just two years (moved from Boston) and I find you to be an excellent councilman--you are active and on the right side of issues, and you care for the people and town of Richmond.  Education is a big issue for me, and Richmond's retirement of its state debt is a big step forward.
  • As far as I am concerned, you have taken a realistic, "Wally Stegner", approach to solving problems facing the City of Richmond + you have succeeded!
  • You can count on my support.  I have followed and admired your terms on the City Council over the years.  I am most impressed with how you research issues BEFORE they come to the Council. For one example how people applying for contracts with the City do not have the required licenses.
  • You can certainly count on my support.  Yours is the most pragmatic voice on the council, so your re-election is critical.


Endorsements, as of today, include the following:


  • Sierra Club

Elected Officials

  • Loni Hancock, Assemblymember 11th District
  • Nancy Skinner, EBRPD Board and Assemblymember Elect, 14th District
  • John Gioia, Contra Costa County Supervisor, 1st District (West County)
  • Tony Thurmond, Richmond City Council West Contra Costa Unified  School District Board of Education
  • Charles Ramsey, West Contra Costa Unified  School District Board of Education
  • Pamela Mirabella, Contra Costa County Board of Education Area 1 Trustee.
  • Jeff Ritterman, Richmond City Council

Neighborhood Council Presidents
(as individuals – not representing neighborhood councils)

  • Ralph C. Vaca (Representative, Hilltop Green Homeowner Association/Neighborhood Council)
  • Stanly Anderson (President, Marina Bay Neighborhood Council)
  • Jim Sexton (President, Panhandle Annex Neighborhood Council)
  • Ron Gibson (Richmore Village/Metropolitan Square Neighborhood Council)
  • John Monks (President, Atchison Village Neighborhood Council)
  • Ed Durbin (President, Brickyard Cove #2 Homeowners Association)
  • Marvin Yudenfreund (Director, Carriage Hills North Homeowners Association/Neighborhood Council)
  • Melita Agbabiala (President, Eastshore Community Neighborhood Council)
  • Jeanette Mahoney (Contact Person, El Sobrante Hills Neighborhood Council)
  • Eleanor Loynd (President, May Valley Neighborhood Council)
  • Jessie Hall (President, Parkview Neighborhood Council)
  • Margaret Jordan (President, Point Richmond Neighborhood Council)
  • Mary Selva (President, Richmond Annex Neighborhood Council)
  • Rock Brown (President, Richmond Heights Neighborhood Council)
  • Alejandro Navarro (President, SW Annex Neighborhood Council)


  • Sylvia Hopkins
  • Sue Chin
  • Jeffrey Dickemann
  • Don Woodrow
  • Mike Parker
  • Juan Reardon
  • Tyler Hester
  • Terri Hinte
  • Patricia Smith
  • Teri Katz
  • Jean-Paul Schreter
  • Bonnie Jo Cullison
  • Richard E Smith
  • Adrienne Harris
  • Ray and Betty Ann Barnett
  • Susan Sharfman
  • Diann Anderson
  • Suzanne Zeman
  • Susan and Mike Elwell
  • Melissa Ehman
  • Paul Carman
  • Stephen Clark
  • J. William Pezick
  • Priscilla Minn
  • Scott Jill Clarice & Cashton Curtner
  • Chuck Arnold
  • Gary Hocom
  • Doug & Rosemary Corbin
  • Richard Brabham
  • Rev. Frances K. Moulton
  • Duane FitzGerald
  • Victoria Roberts
  • Linda Andrew-Marshall
  • Frank Scott
  • Sue Rosenof
  • Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia
  • Mike Meagher
  • Mike Witz
  • Truse Pretto
  • Emory Menefee
  • Steven Kessler
  • Meredith Benz
  • Cindy Haden
  • Lorraine Parmer
  • Tracy Geraghty
  • Larry Hatfield 
  • JJ Thorp and Kerry Radcliffe
  • Alan La Pointe
  • Ted Tedrick
  • Wende Heath
  • Matt Heberger
  • Mark Howe
  • Emily Chesley
  • William Van Dyk
  • Kathryn Sibley
  • Mike and Ruth Peritz         
  • Robert Brorby
  • Lana and Michael Husser
  • Deborah Dodge
  • Jeanne Kortz
  • Pam Stello
  • Bob Larsen
  • Judy Pordes
  • Paul Hayashi and Sigi Laing
  • Jim and Kitty Zahradka
  • Ruma Tenbrink
  • Juana Janie Anker
  • Gary Shows
  • Jerry Cerkanowicz
  • Joan and Bob Cone
  • Bart Hackworth and Becky Jonas
  • Gretchen Blais
  • Richard Neidhardt
  • Susan Gee Rumsey and John Gee
  • Joe Brown
  • Lois Boyle

Former councilmember and former mayoral candidate Gary Bell just announced his candidacy today (This is not an endorsement, just information):