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  The July 10, 2012, City Council Agenda/Packet
July 6, 2012

The July 10, 2012, Richmond City Council Agenda/Packet is on the web.  Follow the link to view: http://sireweb.ci.richmond.ca.us/sirepub/meet.aspx

The easiest way to view the packet materials is to click on the meeting date, then click on the option “Description: http://sireweb.ci.richmond.ca.us/sirepub/images/pdf.gif  AGENDA -- COMPILED  (HTML).” You can scroll down the Agenda and click on any agenda item.  The documents describing that item can be opened as PDF documents.

  • The first PDF file is the “Agenda Item Request Form,” which simply repeats the description of the item on the Agenda.
  • The second PDG file is the “Agenda Report,” which is typically a staff report describing the item in detail. If you were going to look at just ne document, this would be the one.
  • Other PDF files are typically backup information, draft resolutions or draft ordinances.


Items of particular interest include: