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  Richmond Campaign Season Begins - I Need Your Support
June 19, 2012

I Need Your Support

I am running for re-election, and I hope I can count on your support.

Considering that we are still emerging from a deep nation-wide recession that hit California particularly hard, Richmond is still moving in the right direction. Violent crime continues on a downward trend, and employment is trending up. Our streets, parks and municipal buildings are in the best shape they have been in for years. We will adopt an austere but balanced budget next week that will preserve vital services intact, such as police, and leave us with a respectable reserve for emergencies.

Richmond has come a long way since I was first elected to City Council, and I am committed to continue those improvements. Some of the opportunities on which I will continue to focus include:

  • Work through our post-casino litigation with Upstream over Point Molate and proceed with a development that balances jobs, environment and public access.
  • Facilitate planning and construction of the LBNL second campus at the Richmond Field Station and do what we can to ensure that Richmond residents benefit from jobs and Richmond businesses benefit from purchases of goods and services.
  • Complete CEQA review and permitting of the Chevron Energy Renewal Project that will create 1,000 construction jobs while fully complying with CEQA.
  • Continue expansion of projects and programs that enhance Richmond’s image, improve the quality of life and attract businesses, such as the Bay Trail, Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park, a Richmond ferry terminal, replacement or modernization of the remaining public school buildings in Richmond, festivals, farmers markets and parks.
  • Implement our new General Plan with an updated Zoning Ordinance that includes form based codes.
  • Keep our police department at full strength and focused on community policing while also continuing crime prevention efforts through the Office of Neighborhood Safety.


Richmond now has a reputation as a professionally run City that is now on the cutting edge of many health and environmental issues. Businesses that bring jobs are seeking out Richmond for our location, our environmental and health initiatives and our business-friendly City staff (see Nutiva Moves to Richmond, Adds 50 Employees, June 12, 2012).

Please email me back if I can count on your support, and let me know if there are any burning issues in your neighborhood that we should be addressing.

The Candidates

There are three council members whose terms are ending:

  • Nat Bates
  • Jeff Ritterman
  • Tom Butt


Jeff Ritterman has declared he will not run for reelection. See Ritterman to step aside, field open for candidates for Richmond City Council.

Although he has not formally announced, Nat Bates is presumed to be a candidate.

The legal filing deadline is nearly two months away, but the following individuals have announced they intend to run:


Others who have said they are considering running include:

  • Jael Myrick, Assistant to Assembly Member Nancy Skinner
  • Gary Bell, banker and former council member.


We Can make a Difference

Richmond has a top notch management team led by City Manager Bill Lindsay. We must have a City Council that is focused on public policy and not distracted by petty conflicts and personal bickering. Together, we can make a difference and continue to move Richmond to the front.