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  Wanna Buy a Lighthouse?
May 18, 2012

The Federal government General Services Administration is offering to sell or give away a total of 20 lighthouses, mostly on the East Coast or the Great lakes. For more information, see https://extportal.pbs.gsa.gov/ResourceCenter/viewproperties.do?noticetype=4.

The only one in California is Point Fermin light Station in San Pedro, CA.


Lighthouse for sale

Many are on islands, and all are dramatic.

The first group are those being offered to the public for sale. You may visit www.realestatesales.gov for more information about these lights and what is offered in other regions. 
Public Sale of the Following Lights (8):

  • Moosepeak Lighthouse, ME – Meta Cushing
  • Miah Maull Lighthouse, NJ – Meta Cushing
  • Ship John Shoal Light, NY – Barbara Salfity
  • Penfield Reef Lighthouse, CT – Sara Massarello
  • Little Gull Lighthouse – Gabrielle Sigel
  • Orient Point Lighthouse, NY – John Dugan
  • Cleveland Harbor West Breakwater Light, OH - Arthur Ullenberg
  • Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal N. Pierhead Light, WI- Kris Mendez

Another of lights are being offered under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act to nonprofit organizations for stewardship. You should refer to the National Park service website for more information about these and other lights. Here is the link to their site: http://www.nps.gov/maritime/nhlpa/nhlpa.htm

Notice of Availability (offering to Nonprofits for stewardship)

  • Butler Flats Light, MA
  • Ontonagon West Pierhead Light, MI
  • Edgartown Light, MA
  • Manistique Light, MI
  • Graves Light, MA
  • Stannard Rock Light, MI
  • Boon Island Light, ME
  • Ashland Light, WI
  • Halfway Rock Light, ME
  • Fourteen Foot Shoal Light, MI


For questions:
Tiffany Lanceleve, Program Analyst
U.S. General Services Administration
Property Utilization and Disposal Division, 1PZ
Thomas P. O'Neill Federal Building
10 Causeway Street, 10th Floor
Boston, MA 02222
Phone: 617-565-7299
Fax: 617-565-5720