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  Mathieu Court Alley Greening Project Wins $337,818 Grant
May 10, 2012

The City of Richmond has landed a $337,818 Grant, funded by Prop. 84 (Strategic Growth Council) to support the proposed Mathieu Court Alley Greening and Victory Garden Project The project will transform a blighted alley that is a dumping hot sport into a safe green space, reducing blight, and improving environmental quality.  The project will serve as a pilot for the City’s “Alleys to Greenways” program and will honor the City's Rosie-the-Riveter Wartime Home Front history by establishing Victory Garden, urban agriculture opportunities.  The project is supported and based upon recommendation made by community and the Iron Triangle Neighborhood Association and involves the City Public Works, Police Department, Workforce Development Office and Department of Parks and Landscaping.
Rosie the Riveter Trust provided a $1,000 matching grant to help show community support, and I participated in the tour/field meeting with the State Urban Greening Grant folks (Natural Resources Agency staff) in support of the Mathieu Alley Greening Prop. 84 application on March 20.
The Rosie the Riveter Trust is supporting the project, including $1000 to help pay for costs associated with the Victory Gardens. .