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  Richmond Awarded $5 million Greenway Grant
March 28, 2012

I received the following last night from Toody Maher:


Parks Superintendent Chris Chamberlain called me tonight to tell me that the State of California awarded Richmond a $5 million Prop 84 grant to continue developing the Richmond Greenway from 2nd Street to 20th Street! 

This is big news for the city -- and for all of us who work in our own ways to create vibrant green spaces in Richmond. 

Thanks to everyone - all the CBO's – who dropped whatever they were doing to contribute whatever they could to put this grant together. 

Thanks to Diane Aranda at The California Endowment who provided the CRITICAL FUNDING to support our efforts to put this grant together in record time. (The California Endowment's $50,000 rapid-response investment translated into a $5 million return!). 

Thanks to Susan Goltsman of MIG, who provided Kirsten Negus of the MIG team to help assemble and write the Prop 84 grant for us, pro bono. 

Thanks to Chris Chamberlain, Richmond Parks Superintendent, who provided leadership, support, and a "can-do" attitude to get this grant in on time. 

Thanks to city manager Bill Lindsay who continues to support innovative approaches for change in our city and is willing to listen. 

Thanks to all the community residents who conducted surveys of over 800 other residents to solicit their hopes and dreams for what this public space could and should become. 

Thanks to all who came before us -- Lillie Mae Jones, Tom Butt, Shyaam Shabaka, Nancy Baer, Al Green, Park Guthrie, Cheryl Maier etc. who originally envisioned the possibility of an abandoned railroad line being transformed into a city park.  Thanks to all who work tirelessly on the Greenway today: Urban Tilth, Gompers Garden, EarthTeam, Groundwork Richmond, Lincoln School Garden, The Watershed Project, Richmond PAL and others. 

Looking forward to working together on the next phase.  Thanks to everyone and best to you all. 

What great news!


PS Sorry and forgive me if I left someone out -- I'm just trying to get the news out. 

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