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Richmond Goes to Pot

Under a post midnight onslaught of self-proclaimed medical marijuana users and suppliers, Councilmember Jim Rogers watered down his attention-getting agenda item to ban marijuana cannabis clubs, dispensaries and cooperatives to a flaccid motion to find a way to work with these “stakeholders” to accommodate and regulate the activity.


INTRODUCE an ordinance amending Richmond Municipal Code Chapter 15.04 (Zoning) to prohibit the operation of medical marijuana/cannabis clubs, dispensaries and cooperatives in all zoning districts within the City of Richmond - Councilmember Rogers (867-5725).


Well after midnight between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM, dozens of dedicated pro-marijuana proponents (pretty much the only ones left in the audience) spoke to mutual applause while only a single speaker, Corky Booze, warned about the downside.


Several speakers threatened to sue the City of it tried to regulate them out of business.


With the number of marijuana outlets doubling to six in just the last month, Richmond is getting a lot of attention as the latest Bay Area beachhead in the retail marijuana industry. See http://cbs5.com/politics/richmond.pot.clubs.2.1372603.html.


In related actions, the City Council has also adopted a temporary moratorium on new cannabis clubs, dispensaries and cooperatives intended to slow the proliferation while regulatory strategies are studied.


Regardless of the issue of efficacy of medical cannabis, credible sources agree that all six known existing marijuana outlets in Richmond are operating illegally in violation of both local and state law. Legal action may be forthcoming to return the City to the pre-pot status quo in order to get a fresh start with new regulations.


See http://www.californiapolicechiefs.org/nav_files/marijuana_files/files/MarijuanaDispensariesWhitePaper_042209.pdf for a comprehensive discussion of related law enforcement and regulatory issues.