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Rumors of Paratransit Demise Exaggerated

Rumors about layoffs and elimination of Paratransit Services have been emailed to me by several persons the last few days.


According to the city manager, the current facts are that no paratransit drivers have received layoff notices, and the service is continuing "as is" in the short term.  It must be noted, however, that "as is" is not acceptable in the long term.  The cost per ride on the Richmond paratransit system is approaching $100, and the annual general fund subsidy is approaching $1 million, which is $750,000 more than the policy that the City Council apparently established some years ago. 


As a result, the city manager is currently evaluating alternatives for continuing this service in a way that lowers the general fund burden.  It is not known at this point what will be recommended to the City Council, but because the City needs to continue the service, the evaluation will not start by start by laying off drivers. 













If we are able to reduce the general fund subsidy for Paratransit, while continuing to provide this service in Richmond, it provides more money for park renovations and other recreation programs.