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Richmond Confidential
For an unending flurry but disappointingly shallow journalistic missives on the City of Richmond, see http://richmondconfidential.org/. The website notes: “With a grant of $500,000 from the Ford Foundation to develop digital news sites, student reporters with the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley are covering neglected Bay Area Communities during core reporting classes. The funding also allows the school to hire two full-time multimedia instructors to teach multimedia skills during the reporting classes and oversee the development of these news websites. The Bay Area communities, increasingly ignored by the local news industry, are the focus of our “hyperlocal” websites.”

Many of the pieces are accompanied by video.

While it’s refreshing to see this barrage of stories on local happenings, there is little depth. It’s mostly “this is what I saw” and “he said –she said” reporting. It would be nice to see less volume and more depth. There are plenty of scams, scandals and outright crimes going on in Richmond that deserve real investigative reporting.

Anyway, it’s cheap entertainment for the Richmond obsessed.