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Point Richmond Art Collective Gallery Grand Opening October 24

Point Richmond Art Collective at deWitt Gallery

121 Park Place

Point Richmond, CA 94801

510 778-1480

Click here for posters and such.

At Opening day on October 1, Joe Brook's fanciful engaging recycled metal sculptures were the hit of the party.  They stood, happily included as part of group conversations and laughed gleefully (we so enjoy feeling that the inanimate does have a soul and thoughts like us) when two couples decided at the same moment that they wanted the same piece to take home.  A coin toss saved the day. the loser was able to work out a deal for a commission piece to add to the collection of Joes's metal art that they had already started.

Joe has been a pipeline welder for over 20 years.  Several years back he began making fanciful, fun art from metal scraps.  Friends now give him dead car parts, pieces from bicycles, chain, rebar and many other metal items to incorporate into his "beings" that take up a life of their own in his creative hands, each with it's story of how he found the parts and how it was born into a new character. No two pieces are exactly the same.  He loves doing commission pieces that include scraps with meaning to the buyer.

We all look forward to welcoming you to the gallery Grand opening party on Oct 24th 2-8PM

DeWitt Gallery is at 121 Park Place in downtown Point Richmond, a perfect destination for art, theatre and restaurants.  Hours are Tuesday to Sunday 11-7. www.pointrichmondartcollective.com  510 778-1480