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Stimulus Funding for 8 Richmond Police Officers

We were very pleased to learn that we received funding for 8 police officer positions through the Byrne COPS grant as part of the Federal Stimulus Package.  This award was announced this morning (a portion of the letter is included below).  We asked for 20 positions, but 8 is still real progress, especially considering there were eight times as many requests for positions from cities around the county as there were funds available.  The funding covers salaries and benefit costs for three years.  We will apply again for additional funding as the next COPS grant is announced next year.


We have 174 sworn personnel (this includes police trainees, officers, sergeants, lieutenants, and chiefs).  We currently have 4 pending job offers for new officers, which brings us to a total of 178 sworn personnel.


The Police Department is authorized to hire up to 187 sworn through the FY 08-09 budget.  This means we have 9 sworn vacancies.  The Police Department can hire up to the 08-09 authorized level (187) plus whatever amount of officers we receive through the COPS grant (8 additional officers as of now). This means we are hiring up to a total of 195.  We have numerous applicants in the “hiring pipeline” right now based on our aggressive recruiting efforts.


United States Department of Justice                           

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)


Office of the Director
1100 Vermont Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC  20530

July 28, 2009

Re:  COPS Hiring Recovery Program Grant # 2009RKWX0094
            ORI#: CA00710

Dear Chief of Police Magnus and City Manager Lindsay:

Congratulations!  On behalf of Attorney General Eric Holder, I am pleased to inform you that your department will receive a COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) grant award for 8 officer positions.  The estimated amount of federal funds to be awarded to your jurisdiction over the three-year grant period is $3,819,952.00.  Your agency may now begin hiring or rehiring officers to fill CHRP grant-funded positions.

Your agency will be mailed a CHRP grant award package by September 1, 2009.  The award package will include the official Award Document, a Financial Clearance Memorandum (FCM), a Final Funding Memorandum (FFM), and a document which outlines how to accept and begin your award.  Your agency will have 90 days from the date listed on the letter within your award package to officially accept your award, or request additional time to do so.  Also, a supplemental online award package for COPS Hiring Recovery Program grantees can be found at http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/Default.asp?Item=2271.  We strongly encourage you to visit this site immediately to access a variety of important and helpful documents associated with your award, including the CHRP Grant Owner’s Manual, which specifies the terms, conditions, and requirements of your grant.  A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document can be found at http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/Default.asp?Item=2208, which should be helpful in answering many questions you may have about your new CHRP award.
Also, please remember that grantees must retain all sworn officer positions awarded under the CHRP grant for a minimum of 12 months following the 36-month federal funding period.  The retained CHRP-funded position(s) should be added to your law enforcement budget with state and/or local funds, over and above the number of locally-funded positions that would have existed in the absence of the grant.  In your CHRP grant application, your agency was required to affirm that it plans to retain the additional officer positions awarded following the expiration of the grant, and to identify the planned sources of retention funding.  If, during the life of the grant, you have questions regarding the retention requirement or your retention funding sources, please contact the COPS Office for assistance.


Once again, congratulations on your CHRP award.  We look forward to working with you in a productive partnership to further your community policing efforts.  If you have any questions about your grant award, please do not hesitate to call the COPS Office Response Center at 800.421.6770.



David M. Buchanan
Acting Director